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Theses and Dissertations: An Introduction

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❶Even though the title page is recognized as page i, really begin numbering on page one following a abstract — normally the dedication or acknowledgments page. For dissertations, yet another copy is needed for College Microfil ms Corporation.

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Step 1: Define Your Research & Form Your Committee

If you have any questions about this guide or have suggestions for content, please contact the Digital Initiatives staff. Each year, both the College of Graduate Studies and the Burnett Honors College recognize outstanding research done by their students.

College of Graduate Studies Awards. There are over 5, theses and dissertations that were published only in print, and therefore, reach a very limited audience. By receiving permission to digitize and post these works online, these works can be used by researchers around the world, showing the excellence of scholarship at the University of Central Florida since the first theses were published in Theses and dissertations are commonly used as the basis for research around the world and are popular requests from other libraries and their patrons.

With the assistance of UCF thesis and dissertation authors like you, we can begin to transform our print collection of UCF graduate student authored theses and dissertations into a digital collection with unlimited worldwide access. If you published a thesis or dissertation prior to Fall of , please consider allowing us to add your work to the growing digital collection of UCF graduate student publications.

We are not asking for any donations related to this project, we just want your permission to reproduce and display your work online. All work will be performed by the staff of University of Central Florida Libraries.

Simply provide the UCF Libraries with a nonexclusive right to reproduce and post your thesis or dissertation by following the instructions for the Internet Distribution Consent Agreement. Search this Guide Search. What are the benefits of ETDs? Can I delay or restrict the publication of my ETD? How do I correct my ETD after it appears on the library server? What are digital libraries of ETDs? Instructions-quality printer or laser printer creates the best original by which to reproduce copies.

Us dot matrix printing is unacceptable. Copie s might be reproduced by offset printing or professional photocopying. All copy should be clean. Pages with background shading, machine discolorations, or errors brought on by printers or photocopiers are unacceptable.

Text should be straight on every page. Responsibility for acquiring acceptable copies rests using the student. A departmental copy can also be needed on thesis paper seek advice from advisor. For dissertations, yet another copy is needed for College Microfil ms Corporation. The amount of extra copies personal copies is dependent upon a student.

The purpose size for those text should be You possibly can make major division headings slightly bigger 14 points if preferred, but use a maximum of three various sizes throu ghout the manuscript. In these instances, the tiniest point size permitted is Phrases or words normally underlined to exhibit emphasis might be occur italics.

Products of unique format, for example formerly issued questionnaires or surveys, might be incorporated within an appendix.

Products which may be single-spaced include references, extended quotes 40 words or even more , and lengthy tables. Other products which may be single-spaced are identified throughout this manual. The very first type of a paragraph will not be the final line on the page the final type of a paragraph will not be the very first line on the page.

The very first type of each new paragraph ought to be indented while using Tab key. Page one of certain preliminary sections Approval Page, Title Page, Abstract, Acknowledgments, Table of Contents, and then any Lists , page one of chapters or major s ections, and page one from the Listing of References, Endnotes, and Index need a 2-inch top margin. An uneven, or ragged, right margin is recommended, however, many colleges should you prefer a justified right margin.

The manuscript ought to be organized using major chapter or section headings and 2 or 3 amounts of subheadings. Each chapter begins on the new page. Begin the written text two double-spaces underneath the heading titles in most capitals. Because the document is double-spaced, simply press Enter, or Return, two times.

First-level subheadings are centered, underlined, and entered upper- minimizing-situation letters. Second-level subheadings are centered and entered upper- minimizing-situation letters.

Third-level subheadings are flush left, underlined, and entered upper- minimizing-situation letters. All subheadings should be preceded by two double-spaces and adopted by one double-space. Because the document is double-spaced, press Enter two times before and when after each subheading. Spacing pre and post subheadings should be consistent throughout th e manuscript. A subheading should not appear because the last type of text on the page it ought to be gone to live in the top following page.

If chapters or sections are numbered, subheadings can also be numbered 1. Place each number on a single line because the subheading, having a constant space between your number and also the subheading. Around the preliminary pages from the manuscript, lower-situation Roman numerals are centered at the end from the page. Even though the title page is recognized as page i, really begin numbering on page one following a abstract — normally the dedication or acknowledgments page.

Throughout the manuscript, Arabic figures are centered at the end of pages. Some word processors, for example WordPerfect, put the page number in the margin specified and then leave sufficient space between your text and also the number.

All tables and figures are required to follow the format from the approved style manual getting used. General guidelines for table and figure formatting receive below.

Tables and figures photographs, charts, diagrams, graphs, maps, along with other illustrative material should be placed inside the manuscript as near as you possibly can towards the areas of text they supplement. If at all possible, put them directly following a first referen ce for them within the text. Within the text, make reference to tables and figures by their figures e. Tables and figures sufficiently small to look on the page with text ought to be set in addition to the text with two double-spaces.

All tables and figures must meet margin needs. The page number should be within the usual upright position around the page. Tables which are too wide to satisfy margin specifications might be reduced to no smaller sized than 10 points.

Page figures, table ti tles and figures, and figure captions on these pages should remain 12 points. All tabular information must have a similar typeface as all of those other text. Tables ought to be labeled Table and numbered consecutively, with Arabic figures, through the text and appendixes. Each table should have a title. Table figures and titles prece de the table and therefore are typed in the left margin. Tables are often double-spaced throughout in the table number towards the table notes.

Very lengthy tables might be single-spaced. Table titles and ta ble notes that exceed one line might be single-spaced. Tables which are too lengthy for any single page sideways or upright might be ongoing around the following right-hands page. Simply repeat the column headings and continue the table. A diploma of versatility exists with table structure. Use lines of horizontal type to split up parts of a table, but limit using vertical lines.

Tables should be consistent in dimensions and elegance through the document. All figures should be labeled Figure and numbered consecutively with Arabic figures, through the text and appendixes. Captions are put in the left margin, immediately underneath the figure.

Biology students carrying out a journal format may place captions around the facing page i. Captions must have a similar typeface as all of those other text within the manuscript. Captions exceeding one line might be single-spaced. For instance, lines on the graph ought to be recognized by labels or symbols instead of color. Use crosshatching rather of color to shade areas, for example regions on the map.

All products should be perfectly aligned and positioned. All equations, formulas, and symbols are required to follow the format from the approved style manual getting used. They ought to be presented with similar amount of professionalism as figures. Symbols square root signs, integral signs, Greek letters, etc. Press-on symbols can be utilized on original pages that should be photocopied but might not be utilized in the ultimate copies on thesis paper.

Handwritten symbols are unacceptable. Double-space two times before and two times after each equation or formula. Put the number in parentheses close to the right margin from the page.

Completing Your Thesis or Dissertation (ETD) at UCF

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You can review the forms and sample pages in the copies on reserve at the Reference Services Desk (second floor) in the UCF Library. this Graduate Studies Thesis and Dissertation Manual is to be followed for specific UCF format requirements and takes precedence over the This manual is maintained by the UCF Thesis and . Office Location: Millican Hall Room Andromeda Loop N. Orlando, FL. Mailing Address: P.O. Box , Orlando, FL