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Spring Season Essay

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❶Lively freshness was ostensibly visible on new green leaves. There was a smell of warmth in the air.

An Essay on Spring Morning

Long and Short Essay on Spring Season in English
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Truly speaking, its actual stay in Bangladesh is not more than three or four weeks. Perhaps its short stay has made it dearer to us. For all these reasons, I like spring season most.

A Spring Morning Normally, I do not become much astonished or thrilled at anything when I get up from a bed, get tickled by no extraordinary emotional appeal. Because, as soon as I rise up, I lose my dreams; even the remotest feeling of dreams wither away in the presence of too much consciousness.

But as soon as I woke up the other morning, I was startled. Though I woke up, my dreams, as it were, were not gone. Various birds were chittering all around, doves were cooing, cuckoos calling from amidst undetectably covered branches of trees. New leaves were visible on branches of trees which had withered out during the winter. There was a smell of warmth in the air. Something seemed to have touched my heart, my dreams, my imagination.

I breathed out spontaneously:. O, what is this? Mysterious and uncapturable bliss That I have known yet seems to be Simple as a breath and easy as a smile, And older than the earth.

Even after my awakening, I seemed to have entered into another dreamy realm of wakefulness. The mango-trees were in bloom. The southern wind with its touching warmth came floating over the garden on the other side. The inertia due to the long-lasted winter was gone. It was nothing but the spring, I could easily understand. In such a morning there should be no repentance even if one happens to wake up earlier by mistake. Sleep can easily be sacrificed to enjoy such a beautiful morning.

The much-familiar environment around looked new. To whichever direction I looked, it seemed to me that some hidden initiatives were being taken by someone stealthily to bring about a drastic change in nature.

The sky was bathed in vermilion. Lively freshness was ostensibly visible on new green leaves. Thousands of flowers adorned the morning all around.

A mysterious reddish layer encircled the horizon. The sky held up an upturned image of itself on the transparent water of the nearby lake. Domestic animals were wearing a mask of mundane smile over their faces. Everything satisfied the eye. All of a sudden I caught sight of several girls on the roof of a neighbouring house. They wore yellow sarees, some golden flowers are woven into their hair. Several yellow birds flew over their heads, calling loudly-tee tee.

O, was that all a sight, or just a feeling! Slowly walked I down, like a bewitched soul; on my hypnotized legs. I took my stand in my garden. Such a wonderful combination of sounds of so many tones! That very morning was, as it were, a poem, a full-fledged poem reflecting all the tenderest emotions of the inner self. It is the season of farmers when they bring new crops to their home and take some relief.

Poets get good poetic imaginations in their minds and write sweet poems. In this season, mind becomes more creative and full of nice thoughts. There are some disadvantages too of the spring season.

As it is the end of winter season and start of summer season, it is the more sensitive season to the health. Various epidemic diseases like common cold, smallpox, chicken-pox, measles, etc are common so people have to take extra preparations of their health.

Spring season is the king of all seasons of the year. During the spring season nature appears in its most beautiful form and fills our heart with lots of pleasure. In order to fully enjoy spring season we should take care of the health and get vaccinated against various epidemic diseases. Spring season remains for three months however seems like remains for short duration because of its all around beautifulness. Birds start singing sweet songs in the welcome of spring season.

Temperature remains normal, neither too cold nor too hot in this season. It makes us feel like the whole nature has covered itself with green sheet because of the natural greenery everywhere. All the trees and plants get new life and new form as they develop new leaves and flowers on their branches. Crops get fully ripen in the fields and look like real gold everywhere. New and light green leaves starts putting on the branches of the trees and plants. After a long silence of winter season, birds start singing and sounding here and there near to the houses or in the sky.

On the occurrence of spring, they feel fresh and break their silence through their sweet songs. There activities make us feel that they are feeling so happy and thanking to the God for giving such nice weather. On the start of this season, temperature becomes normal which makes people feel relief as they can make some outing without having lots of warm clothes on their body. Parents enjoy with their kids by arranging some picnics during the weekends. Buds of the flower get bloom in their full swing and welcome the nature with their nice smile.

Blooming flowers give a beautiful sight and romantic feelings by spreading their sweet fragrance all around. Human beings and animals feel healthy, happy and active. People start doing their lots of pending works and projects because of the very low temperature of the winter season.

Very cool climate and normal temperature of the spring makes people do much work without getting tired. Everyone starts nice day from the morning and in the evening, even after lots of rush, feel fresh and cool. Farmers feel very happy and relief as they bring new crops to their home successfully as a reward after long labour of many months.

We celebrate Holi, Hanuman Jayanti , Nav Ratri, and other festivals in the spring season with our friends, family members and relative. Spring season is a nice gift to us and whole environment from the nature and give us important message that sadness and happiness continues one after another. Springs, too has some vices. Smallpox is very common in this season.

Besides, chicken-pox and measles are found. Hence, we should guard ourselves against these epidemics. Spring is known as the king of the seasons. In Springs nature appears in her best from. It provides us with all kinds of pleasure. But Spring is defiled by a vicious kind of illness.

It is called smallpox. Prevention is better than cure. So, we should get ourselves vaccinated before this dangerous epidemic confronts us. Article shared by Image Source: Essay on the Season I like the Best — Winter. Essay on Winter Season.

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So spring is the most popular season in India. I like it most. Note: It is worth mentioning that during the month of the year, when there is spring season on the Northern Hemisphere, the portion of the earth in the Southern Hemisphere witnesses autumn season.

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This lovely season fills us with the feeling of gratitude to God. We pray to God, the creator of spring. The solitude in the lap of a forest and a cave on mountain present beauties of spring before our eyes. Unfortunately people fail to appreciate this season of feast. Spring is the season in which the voice of nature is heard everywhere.

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Spring Season Essay 4 ( words) Introduction. Spring season is the best and most favorite season of the year. People (especially kids) are fond of this season because of its beauty, slight cool and comfortable nature. It is the queen of all seasons of the year . People turn to be creative during the spring season. The poets have written so much in its praise. They also express their gratitude to God through their poems. Spring is also a season of marriages and feasts. People enjoy these occasions their absolute zeal. It is this season when the earth was honoured by the birth of Shri Ram Chandra.

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Essay on “The Spring Season” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. The Spring Season Spring the most pleasant season in India. Spring season is the king of all seasons. It is a most pleasant season in the comes after the winter season. The trees are full of leaves and this time nature looks so beautiful. Days and nights are similar in the spring season. Everybody enjoys this season.