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Single-Sex Education: Pros and Cons

What happened?

❶As we know, most of single gender schools are private schools, and they need a lot of capital to support their schools.

Are there benefits to attending a single-sex school?

Making the case for single-sex education
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Students will have unwanted pregnancy in traditional coeducation school than the single sex schools. In addition, single gender schools also have some benefits for boys. Hall, Byron Barnes released a page report in September This report review discovered pleasing results for single-gender schools.

Hundreds of quantitative and qualitative studies were looked at for this report. Therefore, it is manifest that the students in the single- gender schools study harder than that in traditional schools.

Moreover, single gender schools allow students to have passions on their own studies, and make every effort to achieve higher goals. To compare the grades from single gender schools with the grades from coeducation schools, The NASSPE indicated that a recent report from NBC Nightly News found a research showed the students in single gender school can get higher scored.

It showed a reported about the FCAT Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test , that compare the scores from the boys and girls in single gender schools and the coeducation schools.

Percentages of students are scoring higher on the FCAT boys in coed classes. The research is in based on the same size of class and teaching the same program. From this research, we realized that the students in single gender schools scored more than those in traditional coeducation schools.

We can presume that if coeducation schools are better than single gender schools, then how can average of the grade from both two kind schools show the students in single gender schools can do better than traditional coeducation schools.

To sum up, all these statistics show single gender schools can make students get better grades. Even though the single gender schools have a lot of benefits and can help students get higher grades, whether parents should or should not send their children to single gender schools are still very controversial. Until , there are more than public single gender schools across the United States. Considering these statistics, we can learn that with the private single gender schools, there are thousands of single sex schools in the United States.

In Cincinnati, there are at least 9 single gender schools. Even with the increasing number of the single gender schools, there still are many people cast doubt about the necessary of the existence of single gender schools.

Lots of experts think the students in coeducation schools can be more confident, and both boys and girls can influence each other in many ways. They also think co-education schools can provide students a better environment to achieve their goals.

He advocated teaching of both the male and female sexes in the same institution without showing any discrimination in imparting education. We can look over some evidence from the persons who hold the opposite opinion. Co-education school students are more likely than students of single-sex schools to agree that their peers respect members of the opposite sex.

Also co-education schools are also a strong foundation for future success. The only reason that they think traditional coeducation schools is better than single gender school is that they ignored the benefits of single gender school. As we know, most of single gender schools are private schools, and they need a lot of capital to support their schools. So if someone who wants to send their children to single gender school they should pay more money on the tuition fees.

That is a large sum of money. I strongly agree with this idea. Because I was a student in coeducation school, I know what happen to the boys and girls. Also before I did the research, I had never known the students in single gender schools can get higher grades than those in traditional coeducation schools. So as I can tell, it is true that coeducation schools have their benefits.

However, all those truths I gave above, the differences between boys and girls and the benefits for children, the higher score they got, prove that single gender schools are better than traditional coeducation school. Gender differences in language are biological. This article provided a useful international contextualization of the projected benefits of and the necessary factors for moving toward comprehensive sexual health education as an internationally-accepted standard of sexual health education and promulgation, particularly useful toward the goal of reducing unwanted pregnancies in underdeveloped nations.

This paper was one which advanced the aforementioned human rights-based framework of arguing that access to comprehensive sexual health education is students' inherent educational right Braeken and Cardinal Evidence and Outcome-Based Research The ability of researchers to assess the impact of sexual education upon behaviors, attitudes, perceptions and health outcomes is complicated by the fact that these factors are almost exclusively recordable through student self-reporting As a result, the demography and geopolitical factors of student cohorts has been noted to heavily influence the educational and medical outcomes and the perceptions and behaviors in particular of sexual health study cohorts.

One study looked at the sexual information and behavior of over undergraduate students in order to assess the impact of sex education, sexual confidence, and personal knowledge upon sexual health outcomes in order to assess ways in which behavioral and theoretical conceptions of sexuality and behavior are formed. While the participants on the whole demonstrated a lack of strong knowledge pertaining to sexual health, women were generally more knowledgeable than men.

The researchers noted a correlation between sexual knowledge and confidence Weinstein et al. In a study conducted via questionnaire administered prior to and following a ten-week long course in human sexuality, researchers found that students' behavior and knowledge pertaining to fertility and sexuality transmitted infection risk and consequence were not significantly changed.

Specifically, condom and contraception use did not markedly increase over the course of the class. The students' worry about and perceived risk related to these matters however, was noted to have risen over the period of time covered by the questionnaires. The rate of accumulation of sexual partners was not decreased over the course of the study Baldwin and Whiteley Conclusion The argument supporting the standardization of comprehensive sexual education in American schools has been made from a variety of salient perspectives, including the psychosocial, the preservation of human rights, public heath and evidence-based health outcomes.

The cultural stigma in the United States surrounding the discussion of human sexuality, especially pertaining to controversial political issues such as contraception, abortion, abstinence, and homosexuality, has been a significant barrier in the effort to provide students with comprehensive sexual education. There is hope, however, that an increasing body of scholarly and scientific research identifying multiple positive personal and social benefits to comprehensive sexual health educative will incentivize the process, leading to more sexual health education access for American public school students.

References Baldwin, Janice I. The effectiveness of sexual education" Journal of Sex Research Braeken, Doortje; Cardinal, Melissa. Sexuality, Society and Learning 8. Sexuality, Society and Learning 1. Mabray, Debbie; Labauve, Bill J..

Sexuality, Society and Learning 2. Macbeth Annotated Bibliography Overview of Macbeth. Student Resource Center - Gold.

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Single Sex Schools (Annotated Bibliography Sample) Instructions: i want a review of the literature from 5 sources of the research paper about single sex schools, order # source.

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Single Sex Education and Co-ed (Annotated Bibliography Sample) the authors argue that single-sex school helps in improving the performance of female students while coeducation helped the boys. The article de-emphasizes the idea that academic performance of students depended on the single-sex education. A comparison of .

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The bottom line, Sax says, is that most single-sex education advocates don’t believe that single-sex education is best for every child. “There is a great variation among girls and a great variation among boys and for that reason, choice is a good thing,” says Sax. Single-Sex Schools aren't a Solution” In the first section it mentions the clashes that girls and boys have different learning styles and it tends to be an obstacle for progressing academically. Later, McCollum mentions the fact that single-sex schools encourages Annotated Bib revised.

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Boys in single-sex schools however report higher academic performance and have higher career expectations than the ones in co-ed schools (Chrisler & McCreary, ). There are many benefits of studying in single-sex schools and this . Single-Sex Schools: More Beneficial than a Parent May Think Single-sex education, also known as single-gender education, is the practice of conducting education where male and females students attend separate classes or in separate buildings or schools.