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❶The decision to make a building "green" is primarily left up to the engineers and creators of the building.

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Running head: GREEN BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. Green Building Construction. Kyle Chadwick. Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School. Abstract. Global warming is a serious problem facing the world today as well as the world in the future.

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being green greatly depends on a wide range of factors. how it uses and saves energy. and. the benefits of experiencing the features of the said building and the sustainable design of its construction are also discussed in this paper. the availability of the construction site is somewhat a big problem that may hinder the promotion of green 1/5(1).

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This Green building concept is mainly contributing to the development of Infrastructure Industry which is growing in a rapid phase in the Indian context. Paper on GREEN BUILDING – MARKET OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES Authored by Devi T. Journal research paper green building pdf. This is a wonderful essay but it makes me sad. i'm one of those who thanks vets for their service (mostly friends) and i do it out of respect. i care that someone i've never met is putting it on the line for my freedom even if they're riding a desk. .

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Green building 1 Green building Green building also known as green construction or sustainable building is the practice of creating structures and using/5(1). This paper describes how to control the costs of green building projects by summarizing the research done on that topic for the Alameda County Waste Management Authority (ACWMA), the California State and Consumer Services Agency (SCSA), California’s Sustainable Building.