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What is Philosophy

A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

❶Translated from Italian and Edited by Giorgio Pinton. Christianity the Roman Catholic dogma that God preserved the Virgin Mary from any stain of original sin from the moment she was conceived.

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PHILOSOPHY Defined for English Language Learners
Other Philosophy Terms

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I. Definition Deontology is a school of moral philosophy in which ethical behavior equals following rules. Deontologists believe that the goal of moral philosophy should be to figure out the “rules” for living a moral life and that once people know those rules they should follow them.

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Philosophy Index features an overview of philosophy through the works of great philosophers from throughout time. Glossary of Philosophy Terms The following is a glossary of philosophical terms and topics discussed here on Philosophy Index.

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Definition of philosophy for English Language Learners.: the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc.: a particular set of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc.: a set of ideas about how to do something or how to live. a branch of philosophy concerned with the foundations of ethics and especially with the definition of ethical terms and the nature of moral discourse. metagnosticism the doctrine that knowledge of the Absolute is within human reach, but through a higher religious .

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term coined by Olufemi Taiwo for a current in the social philosophy of Karl Marx that can be interpreted as one of Natural Law. Taiwo considered it the manifestation of Natural Law in a . The noun philosophy means the study of proper behavior, and the search for wisdom. The original meaning of the word philosophy comes from the Greek roots philo- meaning "love" and .