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Personal Philosophy Essays (Examples)

❶During a meeting with hospital staff of a variety of managerial levels, the same RN might use participative leadership styles, as the nurse consults with subordinates and considers other suggestions.

I don't feel right about this, but here's you copy of the letter" on it so that she cannot reuse the letter in her efforts to find her husband a job by lying to other prospective employers in your name. Granted, it would be unfortunate to have to lie to your sister and to engage in subterfuge to keep peace in the family, but she is the cause of that situation, not you.

Given the choice between a lie that could very conceivably harm other people and a…… [Read More]. Program Dispositions My experiences over this course forced me to fundamentally re-examine what is meant by student equity, the first, fundamental concept of all of the program dispositions. Before, I had a relatively narrow understanding of equity as being 'parity. Equity means tailoring student learning experiences while still keeping in mind the ideal of a high-quality education for all.

As well as having teachers who take the time to get to know their students, it is also essential to have regular screening mechanisms in place to assess students and ensure that every child's education is up to a certain standard. The concept of equity is thus critically linked to the course disposition concepts…… [Read More]. Personal Statement Evaluate One Important. Hamlet believes that knowing what to do in life will provide him with some relief from the unhappiness he feels after his father's death.

When he believes he is duty-bound to revenge his father, he feels energized for a moment, but he always doubts if this is the moral course of action. He creates tests to see if what his father's ghost says is true, and still hesitates to kill Claudius until the very end of the play.

I admit that like Hamlet, I have many doubts about what is the right way to live. I know that I must gain a full knowledge of science, philosophy, and every possible academic area to come to grips with the great changes taking place…… [Read More].

Philosophy Field Research Report Moral. If the account does this it has exhausted what matters to the person in constructing the agent's well-being.

Thus a person could not care about anything beyond the extent to which it serves her interests. Self-sacrifice would be impossible. As important is the fact that there is a need for reevaluating systems and the enacted laws and policies that empower these systems.

I thought that financial gain would be the only driving factor…… [Read More]. Personal Ethics A professional moral sense is an inward instrument for instance intuition and consciousness that offers guidance to individuals with regard to how they ought to behave and act in a professional environment.

When the individual's moral or ethics clash with responsibilities of his or her practice, an ethical dilemma comes about. Ethical predicaments are often perceived in the nursing profession. Contemplation of personal ethics that are compelled by passion, inspiration, motivation and devotion gives direction to one's professional moral sense. Personal, Spiritual and Cultural Values that add to my philosophy and world-perception of Nursing.

How such values affect my nursing Practice One of the key aspects that ought to be known and taken into consideration is that nurses are of great significance to an individual's life.

The reason for this is that nurses are there at vital periods in people's lives such as during birth, at times of…… [Read More]. Philosophy in Defense of Free. Buddhists, who similarly believe in the concept of Karma, also have a strong commitment to the belief that their actions have consequences.

While Buddhists have a much different value system than Hindus or especially Western religions that tend to see good and bad as black and white, while Buddhists see it as wholesome or unwholesome Sach 80 , they still have a code of morality, such as valuing peace over harm. Karma represents this moral dichotomy. Thus, both the Eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism support the theory that one creates one's own destiny. If they did not, they could not have their system of moral rights and wrongs.

Without the chance to make positive or negative decisions, a belief system cannot coherently state that one cannot make one's own decisions, creating one's own destiny. How could a belief system maintain that one would be punished for his or her actions…… [Read More].

Philosophy - Rousseau Rousseau Passage. Of course, the most common defense of politicians is that lobbyists never actually receive political favors for their contributions, but merely enjoy greater "access" to voice their concerns to legislators.

Obviously, this is a very convenient fiction that completely violates Rousseau's suggestion. The simple truth is that lobbyists, such as the large tobacco companies, prescription drug manufacturers, and the National Rifle Association to name just a few of numerous examples contribute large sums of money to political campaigns and provide every conceivable "perk" allowed by law to legislators for the express purpose of influencing legislators to support laws that are beneficial to their causes.

Rousseau's third and fourth points are equally insightful. As bad as it is for government authorities to misuse established laws, Rousseau points out…… [Read More]. Philosophy Leadership According to Plato. Unlike Plato, Machiavelli had a much less idealistic view of leadership in mind. Plato obviously believed, after all, that the best leader would be the wisest and the most moral.

It was these qualities that should be encouraged and these qualities that would make said individual a superior leader. Machiavelli argued implicitly that this was an erroneous understanding of human nature and the characteristics that constitute excellent leaders. At the heart of Machiavelli's description of the perfect leader, his idealized prince, is the argument that personal virtue and ethics are completely unrelated to public success Kemerling. Hence, from this we see that the good leader will not necessarily be the same as the virtuous individual.

This assertion stands in stark contrast to Plato's argument about the nature of leadership and highlights the…… [Read More]. Philosophy Summary of Morality as. This is a natural development, and is part of a general process of change. This process can be seen in historical context, just as the modern world built in and changes the ideas of the period known as the enlightenment, which in turn built in the period known as the renaissance.

In the past there has been the creation of ideas on the way that people should view and interpret the world. The post modernist approach is different, arguing that reality will be subjective.

In other words, there is no single correct model reality; it will vary between different people and reality will always be subjective. There are many post modern philosophers that put forward the idea that the universe is not seen in the same way by everyone, these philosophers include Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault and Richard Rorty.

In the past, especially following the enlightenment, it was assumed that…… [Read More]. Philosophy -- the Tragedy of.

More importantly, Sen argues that the collaborative approach would be a more successful route to reducing population growth. Among the ideas mentioned by Sen would be incorporating better public education to promote genuine understanding of problems and the reasons why changing certain behavior would be appropriate.

In general, Sen expresses the confidence that Hardin lacks that many people could be taught long-range morality the same way many people already learn or absorb short-range morality.

In that regard, it is simply not the case that most people behave appropriately toward others only because they fear the legal consequences of doing otherwise. Sen also implies that government could still play a role in encouraging the choice to have smaller families but in positive rather than negative ways.

For example, federal and state agencies could provide monetary rewards for single-child families such as in the form of subsidized education, or childcare, or college…… [Read More].

Philosophy the Sects of Islam. They study the book of Jafaar al-Saadaq. They also believe Ali is the purpose of life and the divine knowledge of the prophet Mohammed, which actually rises him above the Prophet in their eyes.

The religion is also very secretive, and they do not publish their texts or share them with other sects. The Alawites recognize the Five Pillars of Islam, but do not believe that anyone can practice them because no soul is pure enough to practice them. They also do not believe in a back door entrance to heaven. The evolution of political Islam actually began during the age of Imperialism, when there was widespread corruption and oppression in the Muslim world.

The politicization of Islam was a result of Muslim fundamentalists and Islamic revolutionary movements rising up in protest over this treatment, along with protests against corrupt Muslim regimes in the region. These revolutionaries hoped to create…… [Read More].

Philosophy of Happiness Psychological Well-Being. In fact, both Weiner and Cutler have described the same thing, in a sense, yet through very different lenses. For some, money becomes less and less important if there is enough, but for others who truly know happiness, this is something that truly has no bearing on how one leads his or her life.

For even if a person is truly happy, there are always outside forces that can disturb this sense of well-being. The media in this country in particular makes happiness seem as though it is solely constructed through money and power.

In fact, it is duet to this wrong concept of what happiness means that most people believe that happiness is objective, for all agree on this very definition.

However, as can be seen from the paragraphs above, money is only…… [Read More]. Therefore, the utilitarian would likely object on moral grounds to any late-term abortive procedure that would cause the fetus pain, even if the balance of objective moral good suggests that aborting a seriously defective fetus.

Other than the issue of causing pain to the fetus, the utilitarian position would also consider the long-term subjective experience of living with a severe defect, which might also be quite painful on more than one level.

With respect to concern for the defective fetus, the utilitarian would likely object to any procedure that caused pain to the fetus during the process; otherwise, the utilitarian would consider late-term abortion in this case, in relation to the harm-benefit analysis to others, provided that the procedure chosen would incorporate the moral need to anesthetize the fetus.

Beyond the issue of the fetus' pain, the utilitarian would consider the emotional difficulty and economic harm to the mother and…… [Read More]. Personal Statement for Medical School. Personal Statement My dream of becoming a doctor started when I met a young man by the name of Jonier.

I did not know it at the time, but I was being assigned a very special young man. Jonier came from a single parent home. His mother worked long hours and did not have a male role model in his life.

This played an important part in shaping his personality and academic achievement. Along the way, he encountered many struggles and listened to my advice. This wisdom taught him about what was most important and who he could become. During this process, I felt for this young man and wanted to assist him as much as possible. He was struggling with a lack of social skills and the attention he so desperately needed. As we overcame various…… [Read More]. Nursing Philosophy the Author of This Report.

Nursing Philosophy The author of this report is asked to offer three main points of discussion within this report. These three sections all related to nursing theory and they will be compared and contrasted to the personal philosophy of the author of this paper. The three points of discussion are the four meta-paradigms of nursing theory, two practice-specific concepts and a list of propositions that the author of this paper would offer relative to nursing and the author's personal philosophy.

Four Meta-Paradigms As intimated in the introduction, there are four meta-paradigms of nursing and they will each be described and analyzed in detail. The first of those four is person. A main point of this meta-paradigm is to use the word "subject" rather than "patient" to refer to the patient in the fullest and truest sense.

The idea behind this is that the person is a fully singular and autonomous…… [Read More]. Nursing Philosophy a Philosophy of. There are clear philosophical connections between the core ideas of hermeneutics and those of historicism, because each posits a potentially radical degree of relativism. While knowledge is certainly socially constructed, the key to a hermeneutic reading is a focus on the social nature of the way in which knowledge is created and transmitted.

It is important to…… [Read More]. When one attends a post-secondary institution, one of the most challenging things is to find your place, both scholarly and intellectually. That is, who am I supposed to be? What do I want to be? What is my passion in academia? Moreover, ultimately, what contribution do I wish to make within the scholarly community? With that said, then, this brings me to how I found philosophy as an interest and passion. I remember being in second year of college with a still undecided major.

I knew I wanted to go to law school, but I had no idea what I wanted to focus as a major. From the very start of the class, I became fascinated with the premise or philosophy. I knew that I had finally…… [Read More].

Not only our actions are guided by this philosophy but it also alters our behaviors and moulds our thoughts. Both internal and external forces are responsible for influencing our individual philosophies. Leadership Philosophy Intellectually, it is imperative for this generation to understand the role and function of leadership as leading is that skill which is considered as most necessary in this contemporary era.

The simple reason behind acquiring this understanding and skill is that leaders, without no doubt, play a major role in helping people shape their lives. Leaders not only define business and the subsequent…… [Read More]. Nursing Philosophy We all have a philosophy -- whether related to our professional engagements or otherwise. Indeed, it is on the basis of our individual philosophies that we form the conduct of life.

A nursing philosophy in the words of Reed as cited in Masters , p. In addition to representing my belief about this noble profession, my personal philosophy also allocates meaning to my future roles as a nurse and responsibility to patients.

In seeking to highlight my personal philosophy, I will be…… [Read More]. Nursing Leadership Philosophy Organizational Economic. This also, unfortunately, contributes substantially to the high attrition rate attributable to failure to adapt to the professional environment among foreign-educated nurses Reid, Ultimately, the effective establishment of leadership culture in healthcare organizations and with respect to the nursing profession especially, requires first addressing these fundamental issues that undermine the most basic necessary elements for cultivating leadership in organizations.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Leadership and Management in Clinical Practice My personal philosophy of nursing leadership and management in clinical practice is that, first and foremost, effective nursing leadership requires technical knowledge and a continual commitment to learning.

Since the field is currently threatened by high attrition rates, my personal philosophy emphasizes the importance of addressing the specific factors as much as practicable within the workplace to counteract them and help those practitioners experiencing problems negotiating them on their own in a manner consistent with best leadership and management practices.

Education - Philosophy Statement of. Part of that includes instilling in students an intellectual curiosity, receptivity to learning through genuine understanding, and definitions of professional success that are motivated by positive aspirations rather than by overcompensation impulses triggered by negative assumptions, messages, or early experiences. Toward that end, modern education must adapt to the wealth of empirical evidence that traditional methodologies such as passive lecture and rote memorization, in particular are comparatively ineffective at achieving the highest goals of education in society.

Specifically, as society becomes…… [Read More]. Management Philosophy Management's principal characteristic is the directing and leading towards the achievement of predetermined objectives. An organization runs and works based on defined specific objectives, and the role of management to direct efforts and resources towards the achievement of these objectives.

Over the decades, different management approaches and strategies formulation entail in an attempt to find the most suitable approach that can effectively and sustainably direct towards achievement of organizational strategies. This report makes a summary of management philosophies and approaches proposed by different scholars.

The work identifies the different opinions on management and the theories proposed on management thought.

Of interest is the article by Kralev that identifies the importance of the Management by Objectives approach. The scholar proposes this management thought for it defines and uses organizational objectives in directing processes and functions in an organization. Kralev identifies that in today's business world a manager…… [Read More]. Ethics Philosophy - Ethics in.

Clearly, his moral standing is highly dubious, if not completely tarnished. If the Gyges ring were to fall into my possession, I would attempt to do something just to make the world a better place - but what I consider to be just, others might consider to be unjust. For example, I am opposed to many of George W.

Bush's actions as President of the United States. I believe that, through his actions, he is personally responsible for many instances of death and destruction, not the least of which has resulted from starting a war that never should have been a war, as there is not a single shred of evidence that affirms this war is being fought for a good reason.

Yet more and more people continue to die each day as a result of it. My Philosophy of Counseling. Personal Philosophy of Counseling One counseling approach that has always resonated with me is the Transtheoretical Model of Change This suggests that every client moves through six different stages on the way to making a positive change in his or her life, beginning with pre-contemplation and ending with termination, or the desire to maintain the change that has occurred.

Ultimately, it is the client who must make the change and take the steps to alter his or her environment and perspective. But the counselor has a vital role in ensuring that the client knows that a change needs to be made during the pre-contemplation stage, can help the client to understand when and how to start making changes.

The counselor can identify negative self-talk that can inhibit change. My view of human nature is…… [Read More]. Teaching Philosophy as an ESL. I view education holistically. Students are developing their character and their values in addition to facts and figures. Language learning is a critical component of character development because language mastery enhances cross-cultural communication. A fellow teacher offers a powerful statement on the role of progressivism in the classroom: The students are encouraged to learn by doing and to interact with one another.

This develops social virtues such as cooperation and tolerance for different points-of-view," Wilt A progressive teaching philosophy acknowledges the persistence and potency of change. Optimism and creativity will motivate my students to achieve, inspiring their curiosity and ability to think critically.

The means by which I will achieve my teaching objectives include the use of proven classroom management techniques, the implantation of creative cooperative learning strategies, and…… [Read More]. I do not believe that my goal as a teacher of nursing is to simply impart insight related to whatever module or learning objectives that I have at that particular moment in time in which I am working with students. Instead, my true aim is to impart such insight so well and in such an accessible, interactive way that it actually fosters a passion for learning about nursing in general for my students.

I want them to learn from me, but I also want them to see that what I am teaching them is only part of a larger, evolving truth related to this profession. I desire for them to understand that they too, can conduct research and attain a status within this profession in which they can learn more…… [Read More].

Nursing Mission and Philosophy Statements Finding the. Nursing Mission and Philosophy Statements Finding the mission and philosophy statements of nursing programs is not complicated. They are generally listed on their websites so that students who are considering them can find what they are looking for. It is important to have a nursing school that matches well with a student's personal philosophy of nursing, so learning about several schools is a good idea.

That helps the student make the right choice. Where LSU nursing school and UAB nursing schools are concerned, there are many differences in how the information is presented. Addressing these differences - as well as the similarities - is vital to form a clear understanding of the missions and philosophies of both schools. One of the largest differences between the two schools is the length of their mission statements. The main…… [Read More]. Nursing Letter of Introduction As an advance practice nurse, I intend to apply my education and professional experience to improving patient outcomes.

A holistic nursing philosophy and commitment to caring are the crucial components of my professional character. I also recognize the importance of nurse education and leadership in providing the organizational culture that promotes healing, supports nurses, and advocates for the well being of all patients. My personal nursing philosophy also recognizes the value of diversity.

I believe that health and wellness have personal and cultural dimensions and that it is important for all nurse practitioners to acknowledge the diversity of their patients and resist assuming that all patients have the same emotional and spiritual needs.

Advance practice nurses have an ethical obligation to learning about their patients' backgrounds, as well as learning their specific responses to pain and illness. Nursing is a career of lifelong learning, too meaning…… [Read More]. Ethics Statement I base my personal ethics on the rights and responsibilities lens from the Four Ethical Lenses. This lens focuses on the key questions such as: What rules and duties must we follow? And What rights are relevant? This standard of ethics is rooted in deontological ethics, where our actions are guided by our sense of right and wrong, and that sense is in turn guided by society's standards.

Consider the aspect of caring -- surely everybody in our profession is caring in some way. The way that I approach the issue of caring is that I must follow my duties -- that is the best way to care for somebody -- by ensuring that you do as you are told and do not cut corners. People have rights, and that is something that also must play into it.

I believe in fundamental human rights to be treated with…… [Read More]. Nursing Philosophy and Metaparadigm the. Caring is at the very center of the nursing paradigm, and helps set a foundation for the other elements. Next comes the concept of health. This "concerns nurses as medical professionals rather than mere adjuncts to doctors " Johnson, Nurses care because they want to promote health and ease suffering.

Yet, "health is not an absolute concept, but exists in the context of the health problems of the individual" Johnson, Once again, it must be fluid and flexible enough to be able to adapt to a wide plethora of different types of situations. Both of these first two elements must maintain a certain level of flexibility in order to cater to the third element, the unique individual person that is in need of medical…… [Read More]. A personal philosophy is one which I should be bound during my professional practice as a nurse.

It is a statement I am willing to guide me in performing my duties as a nurse. This philosophy is anchored in offering my nursing services with professionalism, competence, compassion, empathy and high standards of care for the patience to the best of my ability. These values I have lived with as so long way back as before I decided to pursue nursing as a career. The values have been my foundation in life as they were imparted in me since my childhood.

From my childhood I have come to appreciate additional values as respect for personal choices, compassion towards individuals in need, and these coupled with more values learned during my training makes me well versed with the service of nursing. All these have been a motivation and driving force towards achieving…… [Read More]. Developing and Application of Leadership Philosophy.

Personal Leadership Philosophy Self-leadership is a concept that can be addressed in regards to the degree of which the processes that influence the self are characterized by responsibility, authenticity, and the increase of capacity. The importance and significance of higher-level standards is encompassed through authenticity e.

Corporate social responsibility shares the commonly understood elements of self-responsibility. Capacity is the growth and expansions of ones self-leadership potential.

This can enhance results and create authentic as well as responsible ends Manz, In the same line of thought, individual leadership philosophy changes from individual to individual. Deciding one's personal philosophy is a consistent mental practice, a procedure of steady appraisals toward oneself and the scrutinizing of individual suppositions, convictions and qualities, all of which at last will bring about how we oversee people and circumstances encountered Mayer, Individual or leadership toward oneself is…… [Read More].

Sociology Philosophy and Practice United. Basically, we all will fall at one point or another. If you can get back up and learn from it, you are more likely to have a better result next time. We must keep trying to achieve the things we want, even if it is risky. At the end of life, if you can honestly say that you gave it your best shot, and left it all out there, you have led a successful life.

But if you can say that you tried as hard as you can, it was a positive experience. I believe all of this simply because I have found this to be true in reaching my personal goals so far in life. Everything just seems to work out better when I follow this philosophy. So basically, follow your dreams, give it your all, leave it all out there, and embrace every single moment of it, because it will be over way too soon.

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- Personal Philosophy of Nursing This paper explores the personal philosophy I have as a nursing student and what I intend to convey throughout my nursing career. A philosophy is “an analysis of the grounds and concepts expressing fundamental beliefs (Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, n.d.).

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My Personal Philosophy Essay People develop and shape their personal philosophy during the whole life. Some circumstances may radically change our views, depending on our age, social status and personal qualities.

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This essay focuses on my personal philosophy of education. It unfolds the function of philosophy in a teacher’s life, my view on the purpose of education, the student teacher- relationship and the philosophy which influences my views expressed. Philosophy of life will be different between each person. A persons philosophy will vary depending on ones life experience. I believe that no two people will have seen life in the same way. There would be many people that have similar philosophy on life but none of them would be exactly the same.

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In the essay I will describe my personal philosophy of education. What I believe is the purpose of education, the student teacher relationship, and the philosophy in which my views are expressed. A teacher’s philosophy is written according to their values, beliefs, actions, and knowledge. Personal Philosophy of Nursing My personal definition of nursing is taking care of my patient as a whole; using my knowledge, being compassionate and caring, respectful and honest. Taking care of the; spiritual, physical and emotional aspect of the patient, and taking into consideration their family and environment.