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Professional-Level Athletic Field Maintenance


❶Speed is required for not only pace of shot but pace of movement.

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This means you need to go to the library and find all necessary materials on the issue you are writing about. Organizing your pep coursework: Here is the traditional structure you should get used to following: Introduction of your pep coursework. Present the aims and objectives of your research, its significance. Your thesis statement may be introduced in a separate section or at the end of your introduction. Methodology and Research description of your pep coursework. This is a must to conduct research in your pep coursework, explaining what methods have been used, what outcomes you have received.

Analytical section of your pep coursework. You are supposed to explain the results of your research. Your teacher should see that you are able to interpret the outcomes of the research in your own words. Conclusion of your pep coursework. You are to reemphasize the thesis statement, your aims and objectives.

Why do i need speed? Thanks for any help: Are you sure you want to delete this answer? In badminton we need eye hand coordination to contact the shuttlecock. Sometimes rallies get very fast and high paced and your coordination must be good in order to stay in the game.

Also not only just eye hand coordination, you need to glide around the court effortlessly and perform jumps and stuff while doing it, if you want to be a good player. This requires a great deal of coordination from every inch of your body. Although you can get away with playing badminton at a beginner to intermediate level without a lot of power, to be a good player requires tonnes of power.

Most of the power is generated from proper form but many good players lift weights and train their muscles in order to get more power among other things. Time where you will need power is when performing a jump smash, digging the bird out of the back court, especially difficult with the backhand for most people. Agility is required not only when retrieving a shuttle but also recovering afterwards.

Speed is required for not only pace of shot but pace of movement. A high paced match will put pressure on your opponent, but a typical strategy is to try to vary the pace as much as possible. Badminton - PE Coursework? I am doing my PE coursework about badminton and i dont understand it.?


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