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A Hard Day’s Night

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The 'What A Night' sketch was a very silly and typical British Pantomime with the Beatles dressed up in silly costumes. They did not actually speak could not be heard over the screaming so no point. Instead large lit captions were shown behind them.

The sketch lasted 4 minutes and was performed in the first half of the show, between The Fourmost and The Dakotas. Under the title are the characters with a description of how each was dressed. T here are multiple areas of alterations and additions on both pages handwritten in red and blue ball point ink pen, probably by Peter Yolland. Original hand drawn artwork by Rolf Harris presenter for the shows which were submitted for approval to Peter Yolland producer of the shows for Beatles Christmas Shows at the Astoria Theatre, Finsbury Park.

On plain clear tracing type paper with three drawings showing kangaroos and maps of Australia with three accompanying Rolf Harris signatures measures approx 13" x 8" in black ink. VG condition with staining and some creasing and nibbling to the edges. They are unique and guaranteed to be the only drawings for the shows in existence. Drawn in colour and grey lead pencil on a good quality transparent type tracing paper.

Each Measures approx 12" x 10". All in Excellent Condition. Each drawing is entitled at the foot of each. Five thumbnails opposite from the top: When clicking to see the larger pictures of the drawings there are images of photographs taken at the shows showing the Beatles and the stage sets as shown in the drawings. These are for information only and are not included in this sale.

Come with a letter of provenance from Andrew Drummond stating that he was the set designer employed by producer Peter Yolland for the Beatles Shows and these drawings are the originals as drawn by him and and used for the shows. On thin card it would have been hung inside the theatre, in the foyer close to the box office, a week or so before the concert to advertise the upcoming event.

The two small purpose produced hanging holes at the top edge were never used and have been blocked from the back with a small piece of yellow coloured paper which matches the poster colour exactly glued over each.

This was probably done before the poster was displayed which would explain why there is a pin hole in the corners. The wording 'Devised and Produced by Peter Yolland' was originally omitted and has been neatly pasted over in the form of two strips of paper. These were added at the time probably by the printers before it was released as the colours match the yellow and purple of the poster exactly. The edges and corners have just minimal wear and there is some extremely mild ageing of the white areas.

The back has more ageing and yellowing than the front. An original printed one sided paper Flyer circa not a reproduction proclaiming the success of Brian Epstein, the Beatles Christmas Shows and the shows Producer Peter Yolland. Probably inserted into London theatre programmes of the day to advertise Peter Yolland's production skills in Pop Concert Shows. Also included is a Beatles Monthly No. Medal measures approx 40mm 1. An original and extremely rare complete typed screenplay script which was used on set in the Beatles first film 'A Hard Days Night'.

It contains all original none missing typed plain white pages bound in a blue outer paper folder and fixed with steel pins. A lot of the pages have alterations and annotations etc in black ink. On the front cover Tommy has written his name at the top left corner and someone has written in blue ink all the Beatles first names. On the inside front cover it reads: At the bottom right corner is the film company name, address and phone number: On the inside back cover it has the name, address and phone number of the printer: Apart from some mild wear around the edges of the first couple of pages and covers it is in Excellent and complete condition.

This is an original typed screenplay script not a copy or reproduction as used on the film set of 'A Hard Day's Night' and as such is an important document and an extremely rare survivor. We do not know how many were originally typed or how many have survived but we have never seen another. Matt white on the back. Printed along the bottom edge is: It is rolled with no folds or creases. There is the very faintest evidence of tape residue very small at each extreme corner, but no other sign of displaying such as pinholes.

There are a few very minor surface crumple lines due to the nature of the thick glossy paper in a few isolated areas, but no creases, tears or marks. It advertises the Beatles new LP to be released in August. There is no year of issue on the flyer and the album title is not given. But it is for what would be called 'Let It Be', which was untitled at the time. Very interesting part of the Beatles story at the end of their time together.

Printed one side only on thin green paper. Measures approx 9" x 6". Unused and complete with Booking Form still attached at the bottom. Apart from a crease across the top left with an extremely short tear at the end of the crease on the left edge approx 3mm long and bottom left corners and some light nibbling to the extreme top edge it is in Excellent Condition.

For two performances only. Apart from a horizontal fold through the center and some mild foxing in a few isolated areas it is in Excellent Condition. This is for the royalties due to John Lennon. Paul McCartney would have received a separate statement as co-writer.

The sheet is full with 21 entries listing every payment and sales received and each individual payee, hand written in ink! Blank on the reverse. This was intended for the bin, never to see the light of day again, but fortunately was rescued almost 50 years ago from its fate by some alert individual s. It had been torn into quarters intended for disposal and has been put together with tape on the reverse.

Comes with a Perry Cox letter of authenticity. This is for the royalties due to Paul McCartney. John Lennon would have received a separate statement as co-writer. Plain on the reverse. Unused and complete with booking form section still attached with a fold across the hatched line.

Some mild surface crumpling in a few areas. There is a small single pinhole to each corner and some mild nibbling in a few isolated areas to the corners and edges. Someone has written their name and circled the 5: Overall in Excellent Condition.

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