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❶The primary difference between copy editing scholarly books and journals and other sorts of copy editing lies in applying the standards of the publisher to the copy.


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newspaper editor - the editor of a newspaper. business editor - the newspaper editor responsible for business news. city editor - the newspaper editor in charge of editing local news. editor, editor in chief - a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a.

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news editor in British. (njuːz ˈɛdɪtə) noun. a person who is in charge of the news desk at a newspaper or broadcasting organization and whose job is to oversee the selection and preparation of news items for publication or broadcast.

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Editors Contribution ( / 0 votes) Rate this definition. newspaper editor. A person with the necessary and vital ability, professional experience, qualifications, skills and training to perform the role, responsibility and job description of a newspaper editor. Editorial definition, an article in a newspaper or other periodical or on a website presenting the opinion of the publisher, writer, or editor. See more.

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Definition of editorial.: a newspaper or magazine article that gives the opinions of the editors or publishers; also: an expression of opinion that resembles such an article a television editorial. editor; editor in chief (a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text (especially of a newspaper or magazine)) Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "newspaper editor").