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Journal of Applied Accounting Research

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❶Information technology integration, extent of ABC use, business strategy, and performance. Fair value accounting and the global financial crisis:

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Articles should be applied in nature and capable of comprehension by both the academic and the practising accountant. A suggested length for the articles is 7, - 8, words. Other contributions may take the form of a letter, articles with current controversial themes, and suggestions for areas of further research. In such cases please correspond with the editors in the first instance to allow an assessment of likely acceptance.

The journal encourages articles on topics of current interest to the accountancy profession, in particular new solutions to or new ways of thinking about established problems or newly identified problems.

For example, papers may deal with the impact of new financial reporting standards or legislation. Critical discussions of cases of corporate failure or financial systems may be published if based on sound analysis of available evidence with original recommendations for future practice.

By providing a forum for the expression of solutions to accountancy and professional practice problems, the journal aims to bridge the gulf between the theoretical matters that may principally reside within the domain of the academic accountant and the challenges faced by the practitioner.

Management accounting and organisational change: An exploratory study in Malaysian manufacturing firms. The construction of a segmental customer profitability analysis. A framework for auditing management control systems and its application in a public organisation. The impact of group support systems and style of leadership. Management accounting needs of SMEs and the role of professional accountants: A renewed research agenda.

The effect of management style and management accounting system design on performance. Maturity of cost management systems in organisation. Contemporary accounting innovations in Australia: Manufacturing versus service organizations.

Risk management and ethical environment: Effects on internal audit and accounting control procedures. Accounting issues in electronic commerce: An USA perspective regarding valuations and implications for corporate governance. The valuation of capabilities: A newdirection for management accounting. The role of financial statements in the shift from the information to the influencial paradigm. The valuation and reporting of reputation risk management capability. An inconvenient truth about accounting.

Related to environmental issues. The impact of global warming on the cost accounting profession. Strategic management accounting issues. Ivory towers and legal powers: Attitudes and behaviour of town and gown to the accounting research-practice gap.

Air, water and food. The impact of new technologies on the management accountant. Applying disruptive technologies to audited financial statements. Faith and trust in IFRS reports. A contingent valuation approach. Performance management measures that enhance organisational value: Towards a holistic model of corporate governance. Counting, accounting, eccounting - Can the profession make the move? Addresses the question of whether e-commerce requires fundamental changes in accounting.

Advanced cost management systems in Australia: A study of their use and usefulness. Curriculum requirements for entry-level management accounting in Australian industry and commerce.

Predictability of share prices through corporate annual reporting: A focus on the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Corporate governance and voluntary disclosure practices of financial and non-financial sector companies in Bangladesh. The consequences of culture on shareholder activism in Malaysia.

Ethical decision making on various managerial issues. The issues include overproduction, cost allocation, estimating equivalent units, investment and conflicting interest, and replacing existing assets. Activity based costing in a service setting. Determinants of responsibility centre choices — An empirical study at the managerial level. Accounting research for the management accounting profession.

CFO of the future: Strategic contributor or value adder? Investigating the determinants of perceived procedural fairness in performance evaluation.

Cartoon graphicsin the communication of accounting information for management decisionmaking. Transfer pricing policy and performance measurement used in Poland by domestic and multinational companies. Public participation in development planning at an Indonesian local government authority. The impact of local wisdom on public participation in local government budgeting. Sridharan, VG and J.

Mismatch in the design of performance measures: A solution for managing conflicting organisational goals. Some key challenges and opportunities for accountingresearchers. Corporate responsibility reports assurance trends and the role of management accountants.

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The Journal of Applied Accounting Research is a new acquisition for Emerald's accounting portfolio and provides a forum for the reporting and discussion of accounting research which is by its nature applied.

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