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Term Limits

Should there be term limits for members of Congress and the Supreme Court?

❶There is no limit to reelection.

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There is certainly wide support for reform. In both polls, there were strong majorities in both parties and among independents. So what effect might term limits have? A lack of long-serving members could reduce power advantages gained through seniority and lead to committee appointments based on merit.

Above all, supporters argue, term limits could reduce corruption and increase independence from special interests and partisanship. On the other hand, defenders of unlimited terms point to the experience and independence gained from long service. With such a large and complicated federal bureaucracy, members are most effective—and most resistant to special interests—when they are most knowledgeable.

Defenders also claim the idea is undemocratic —why shouldn't a constituency be able to reward and punish its representatives as it sees fit? An incumbency rate well over 90 percent and the increasing levels of money in politics suggest elections may not be as effective a check on congressional failure as this argument contends. With regard to the Supreme Court, leading scholars including Erwin Chemerinsky on the left and Steven Calabresi on the right have proposed single, year terms for Justices.

Such a system would give a one-term President two appointments to the Court and a two-term President four appointments. It could lower the stakes in individual confirmation fights and reduce polarization on the Court. It could also help the Court stay in touch with larger shifts in society. However that decision was overturned by the Supreme Court as being unconstitutional.

What are the term limits for US Senators? The term of office for US Senators is six years; there are no term limits. A Senator may serve as long as the voters of his or her state continue electing him, provided he is not removed from office for misconduct. What is the length of term for US Representatives?

The term of office for a representative is twoyears. In order to stay in office, he or she must bereelected every two years. Why do the US House of Representatives serve a two year term? This is actually a very good question! The Representatives of the House, as opposed to the Senate are supposed to be very "close" to the people.

For example, the wants and opinions of the House of Representatives is supposed to reflect the wants and needs of ordinary Americans.

This direct connection between the Reps. This closeness is because they serve a 2-year term. You see, peoples' views on things can change rapidly, so they need to also be able to change the Representatives rapidly to fit the peoples needs to maintain the closeness between the people and the House. Who represents Louisville in the US house of representatives? What limits the US President's terms? The Twenty-Second Amendment limits the US President to two terms of office, or ten years if the person assumed office during another President's term.

Congress passed the amendment on March 21, It was ratified by the requisite number of states on February 27, Before that date there were no term limits.

Why did the framers of the US Constitution give members of the House of Representatives such short terms? The framers of the United States Constitution gave members of theHouse of Representatives such short terms because these were allbusiness men that had other lives to live. George Washingtonhimself needed to take care of his farm from time to time.

Why are there term limits for the US presidency? Originally, there was nothing formal about this, but it became customary for presidents to serve only two terms: The concept of limiting one's presidency was originally formulated by George Washington, who could have easily remained president, since he was very popular; but he resigned after two terms.

It would take many years for a law to be passed making this custom into something official. What led to this change was the fact that in the s and early 40s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt ended up being elected four times. In the midst of his fourth term, he died suddenly, after which, an amendment was passed to officially limit presidents to 2 terms. The 26th amendment was ratified in and has been law ever since. How long is the term of a US Representative? How can you find your representative in the US House of Representatives?

The official government site will locate the representative from your district. Is there a limit on how many terms a state representative can serve?

It varies in each state according to what its State Constitution says, but usually there is no limit. What are the term limits of Representatives in Congress? The Representatives of Congress are elected for a two- year term. However, there is no limit on how many times they can be elected. A member of the house of representative is limited to three terms? In the United States, there is no federal limit on the number oftwo-year terms that a member of the House of Representatives canserve.

This is also true for members of the Senate and even theVice President though their term lengths differ. What term is used to represent a molecule? I didn't recall that there was a term, it's just a group of atoms.

A Molecule is a scientific term as it is. What are the two common terms used to identify the House of Representatives? House of Representatives is most commonly known as simplethe House. It is also called the Lower House of Congress. What is the limit of congressmen in the House of Representatives? The constitution did not establish a maximum number of Congressional Representatives.

Each state was to elect one for each 30, citizens. Today that would require 10, men and women in Congress! By the time the number of citizens passed into the tens of millions, Congress agreed that it would not be helpful to have many thousands of representatives and limited the number to Later, 3 representatives were added for the District of Columbia so today we have up to members of Congress.

What are the terms and term limits of Representatives? Representatives may be elected for as many terms as the voters wish, for as long as the Representative chooses to serve.. What is the term for the house of representatives in the judicial branch? What is the term of office for a member of the US House of Representatives? Two years is the term length for the lower house ofCongress.

Congressional elections for the House are held in everyeven numbered year. There are no term limits. Many Congressmen arere-elected year after year. What is the length and term of a house of representatives member?

Each term of each House Member is two years, from January 3 to January 3 of odd-numbered years. What are the term limits for the US president? The length of each term is established in Article 2, section 1 of the United States Constitution, and it reads in part: He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years , and, together with the Vice-President chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows Can a representative of the US House of Representatives be impeached?

Senators and members of the House of Representatives can't be impeached. Congress decided they were exempt in when they defined "civil officers" as people appointed by the US President. The Constitution provides representatives can be removed from office by other members of the US House of Representatives if two-thirds of those present vote to expel the individual.

Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 "Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two thirds, expel a member.

Why does the House of Representatives have limited time for debating? The time for debate is limited in the House of Representatives due to the sheer number of members in the chamber. It is not possible for all members to be able to expound at length on any action in the chamber. Instead advocates and detractors of given bills will pool their time and "yield time" to an allied Representative to express their collective opinion. This is similar in principle to the manner of debate in the U.

House of Commons, which at members is the only legislative body larger than the U. House of Representatives in the English speaking world.

Is it true that united states representatives serve two year terms with a limit of six terms for each member of the house? Representatives serve two-year terms. Members of Congress of both chambers have no termlimit. What are the terms for being a us representative? You have to be at least 25 years of age, a resident of your state for 14 years, and you serve in Congress for two years and then you're up for re-election again.

What are the term limits for the members of the House of Representatives? There are no term limits as such. Representatives are elected for two-year terms, and may be reelected as long as their constituents elect to return them to Congress.

Does the president of the US have term limits? That way, a Vice-President who becomes President because of death or resignation with less than two years left in that term can then be elected to two full 4-year terms.

House of Representatives term length requirement? Representatives in the U. House of Representatives are electedfor two-year terms by the voters in the legislative districts ineach state.

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On November 3, , however, when Michael Bloomberg was in his second term of mayor, the City Council approved the extension of the two-term limit to a three-term limit; one year later, he was elected to a third term. The two-term limit was reinstated after a referendum in

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There have traditionally not been any term limits in the United States Congress, though the issue is one that has been debated for decades. Congressional term limits are usually understood to be legal restrictions on the duration or total length of time a person can .

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rows · See also: Impact of term limits on state representative elections in and Impact of . House of Representatives Candidates Questions Posed: Would the candidate vote for or co-sponsor the current House Amendment for Term Limits H.J. Res introduced by Rep. Salmon (AZ) Would the candidate sign the pledge to support Term Limits at; District 1.

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The term of office for the US House of Representatives is two years; there are no term limits. Representatives may be elected for as many terms as the voters wish, for as long as the. The Senate is informally referred to as the "upper" house, and the House of Representatives as the "lower" house. Salary and benefits Salaries. As of December , the annual salary of each Representative is $,