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Homework help for art class? – The Best Choice to Pay Someone to do My Homework!

❶Which of the following is NOT an element of Romantic painting?

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Homework becomes a task completed for the grade, not for the art experience. Homework should be assigned to reinforce a concept that has already been taught.

Homework regarding concepts and skills they do not grasp will only result in poor quality of work. In these situations, students need support from the expert in the art room—their teacher. When it comes to education, time is sparse. Students are already spending 8 hours a day in school. Adding hours of homework takes away from the ability for students to become well-rounded citizens.

Is assigning a worksheet in the art room going to make your students have a more meaningful experience? Save your paper and your time by creating invaluable experiences!

Generally, those students want to make the time to work on their art. They are choosing to invest on their own. But the issue of material access can still be a challenge. If you are going to allow students to take work outside of your art room you will want to put some procedures in place to manage materials.

Wherever you stand on the homework debate consider the effectiveness before assigning work. Always keep in mind, homework in your art room should positively impact student learning. Abby is a middle school art teacher in Omaha, NE. She focuses on creating meaningful experiences for her students through technology integration, innovation, and creativity. I use to assign actual long art assignments 2 weeks at a time as I was assigned in HS and I did not get back the results desired.

I switched to sketchbook assignments which gave even worse results. I can recall speaking with an irate mother about her son staying up all night to draw 3 pictures when he had a test the same day. She did not know that the artwork was suppose to be timed at 20 minutes each and spread out over a week. Our school district has just implemented a 2 hour maximum for homework in all student HS classes.

This restriction includes AP classes which is the only class I routinely expect work from on a daily basis as they need to be working on their work to complete their portfolio in one semester.

I even told the students to tell their core classes to lighten up on their homework because an hour a day is devoted to their AP art class! The challenge will then become figuring out how to encourage students to work independently on their own without forcing homework upon them.

Photography students have a weekly photo assignments as homework. Before student presentations we spend two class periods on research. Beyond that they are expected to prep on their own time. I have found quality falls off in sketchbooks when homework is assigned. Instead I encourage students to take sketchbooks home. I like it to be an activity that they choose to do.

I do not assign K-6 homework. I agree with you, forced homework becomes a task of monotony. Tricking your students to take their sketchbook home will hopefully make them draw and create out of want! Because I teach high school advanced placement classes my student work on their artwork as homework because of the restrictions of time that the block scheduling places on creating 24 pieces of art in one semester.

They do have to turn in their visual journals once a week for a grade. This is the homework type assignment I give to them. Coming from a small town this sounds like a lot of what I had to do for homework in my art classes. It is this fear of letting go of inhibitions that make us clumsy, make our singing voices shiver in fright, that make us draw lines that have no expressiveness because they are drawn without any vigour.

We simply hold back. How this fear came about with some things and didn't with others the talents is probably a result of an initial trial in doing that activity and the first responses we had from our parents, most likely. Where drawing and painting were encouraged and the child received praise, the confidence in one's ability grows. Also, since this is a reward type of reaction, it also brings pleasure. Soon enough, with enough rewards, the activity itself becomes rewarding.

Simply enjoying something is likely to make us better at that activity, since we are inclined to do it more often, we are inclined to better it as much as possible for greater enjoyment and rewards. Why do kids draw and paint and adults not? Well, kids are generally allowed to do things they are not good at, without subsequent judgement from others.

It's alright that they're ugly, it's just one of the many things that the child isn't very good at - perfectly acceptable to have fun without an impressive result. But then we grow up and it is no longer ok to suck at something. We become embarrassed feeling the peer pressure, we only want to do those things which we are good at.

We don't even know if we'd enjoy painting something, we simply won't try it because we know that somewhere in our past, last time when we painted, it sucked. So, just like the upper answer says - you may be suprised.

But I'd advise you to give yourself a chance and don't be so convinced that you suck at it. To suck at "art" is practically impossible, since there are so many mediums, you couldn't possibly suck at all of them.

The only requirement is that the medium is new to you and that you think you could be good at it. To fight against old entrenched inhibitions is a very hard quest.

And why do I like art? I like it because artworks have something mysterious about them, something about them attracts my attention and then I feel something, but I don't know why. This makes me curious and I will keep searching in myself why I like it until I begin to understand. I realize it reminds me of something, but it is not the same as that, so I look at the differences, etc. The reason I like art is because I like discovering, I like knowing what there is to know behind something mysterious.

If it caught my attention, then I have to know why it did so. I have to know these things equally because I want to know more about the world and know something about myself. Why do you like art? This is for knowing what to take next year. It is also for a survey. Expert Answers bullgatortail Certified Educator. Related Questions How important is the "intention" of the artist in considering a piece a work of art?

How to decide if it is hard or easy? Anyone care to tell me how easy art is? Or just it is manly a social rite, and a tool of power. Begin typing the name of a book or author: Popular Questions What is the importance of music in your life?

homework help for art class

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Apr 15,  · 1. Which of the following is NOT an element of Romantic painting? (1 point) minimalism mood color perspective 2. True or false: John Constable created hundreds of thumbnail sketches and studies before beginning a final piece. (1 point) true false 3. Which of the following elements is NOT visible in Constable’s work?Status: Resolved.

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Top Quality Art Homework Help. Students take art classes because they think the classes will be fun. While many art classes have students making art using a variety of different techniques and media, there are also many art classes that require students to complete more traditional homework.

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an art class is planning to paint a rectangular mural with an area of 60 square has to be at least 4 feet high but no more than 6 feet high. How long could it be if . Jun 27,  · Art Homework Help How to Bring out Your Best in the Art Class Art is not everyone’s forte and students who are not very artistic find it rather difficult to score in the exams/5().