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The bare bones of the matter is historically famous. Since the reign of Edward I, England's monarchs had been seeking the throne of France on the basis of their connection through the female line. France countered their argument with Salic Law, which forbade the issue of any female assuming the throne. Henry, upon assuming the throne of his father, invaded France in , and, after besieging Harfleur, fought the battle of Agincourt.

Taking literary liberty, Shakespeare leaves that as the final, decisive battle, ignoring the fact that Henry had to conquer Rouen two years later before he was able to bring the French to the negotiating table. The Treaty of Troyes, signed in , marked the end of hostilities for a time, at least as Henry married Katherine, the daughter of Charles VI of France, and their issue was to rule both France and England.

Shakespeare adds to that basic outline the early companions of Henry—Pistol, Bardolph, Nym, the Boy and Mistress Quickly—as well as various military figures, most notably the Welsh Captain Fluellen. Each of these has a story to tell. Finally, there is the Chorus who—while supposedly providing objective third-person narration—has its own viewpoint. All of these characters are included in Branagh's film, and given great vitality. The message the film coveys is clear: This theme is best developed in the the latter half of the campaign, as Henry's army moves from Harfleur to Calais, where it is ravaged by sickness and foul weather.

The battle at Agincourt fills the screen with images of death and pain: He shows mercy toward a drunken soldier who insulted him. Unmasking of the conspirators Scroop, Grey, and Cambridge Positive: He cleverly manipulates them into passing judgment on themselves. He deviously entraps them rather than forthrightly charging them with treason.

Heroism in battle Positive: He courageously leads the charge into Harfleur and at Agincourt. What do you think of the male bonding, or the structures of friendship and enmity between men, in the play? Which characters have these relationships and which do not? How does King Henry participate in these relationships?

Oddly enough, King Henry, the character around whom everyone else in the play revolves, spends much of his time alone—even when he is surrounded by a crowd. He is often surrounded by other people, but seldom talks to anyone alone or outside of formal war business. One exception is his interlude in disguise, in Act IV, scene i, in which he talks face-to-face with various soldiers, only to come away with a still stronger sense of the special position of a king. It even seems dubious that Henry will find companionship with his future wife:

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Free Henry V papers, essays, and research papers. Free Essay: Henry V is a wise and loyal king, changing from a wild youth to a mature king. He is described to be an intelligent, thoughtful and an efficient.

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Henry V Shakespeare Essay After looking at the Lawrence Olivier’s, Kenneth Branagh’s and the Henry V classic comics extensively, we have a clear view of what Henry V was really like. The re-tellings of this famous story have shown that he was a humble, down to earth leader that wants the best for his army. Free Essays from Bartleby | The Function of the Chorus in Henry V "O for a muse of fire," The Chorus introduces the start of Henry V with imagery.