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essay buy malaysia product
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Sexual harassment could also be persistent flirting and making distasteful inappropriate body contact like light touching, pinching, patting, hugging and fondling. It is surprise to know that Malaysia does not have a law specifically for combating sexual harassment in workplace until the amendment done on Employment Act in Before that, sexual harassment is governed by a code of practice called the Code of Practice on the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

Section Penal Code only deals with sexual harassment in the physical aspect, that means making inappropriate remarks does not amount to sexual harassment. This Code offers a much more practical rule for employers and employees to follow in the protection of the employee from sexual harassments.

This Code also provides a far wider definition of sexual harassment. Furthermore, this Code had distinguished sex harassment into two categorized which is sexual coercion and sexual annoyance.

According to article 5 of the Code of Practice on the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, sexual coercion is where an employer took advantage of his or her position to coerced the employee for sexual favors which if the employee refuses to execute those favors might be put in a position where they loses their job or benefits in the workplace.

This category usually falls between employee to employee and sometimes between client to employee. Article 6 of the Code explains that circumstances under which such employment-related sexual harassment may occur incorporates, yet is not limited to: In addition, the proposed of Section 81B, makes it a compulsory responsibility for all employers to set up a channel to investigate all allegations regarding sexual harassment between employees and employers.

The proposed amendments of Employment Act demands that the employers whom failed or refused to investigate the complaints made, the employers must within 30 days let the person who made the complaints the reason why the complaints was not investigated in written form.

This proposed amendment is a very positive proposal, it could effectively help the victims that did not get closure over the harassment that happened to them, an explanation to the victim could help them not feel like injustice has been done upon them.

In , finally, the amendment has pass through the Parliament and was enacted in 1 st April , a new law on sexual harassment was introduced where an employee can make a complaint against another employee or against the employer, the new law also allows the employer to made sexual harassment complaint against their own employees as well.

The new laws had made it compulsory for the employers to investigate all the sexual harassment complaints and impose punishment to the employee if found guilty. Such amendment on the Employment Act are just a small step into protecting the people and it is a positive beginning on the betterment of the laws of sexual harassment.

Although growth in tourist arrivals is above the national average for the industry worldwide, hotel development within Malaysia has been increasing at a rate that is higher than the increase in tourist numbers. This increase in available rooms has increased competition within the hotel sector and as a result, hotels now need to compete vigorously to remain viable. However, there have been trends that are currently affecting the competition in the hospitality industry in Malaysia.

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