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❶Photos can depict reality or they can make simple things appear to be celestial. These options contain both pros and cons when discussing the financial and beneficial aspects in regards to the company effectively reaching target audience.

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However, more serious issues arise when photographs are used to show reality events and are even sometimes used as evidence in court of law. After the invention of personal computers photographs can be easily manipulated even if there are already taken. Which in turn can be considered bending the truth or simply a lie. There have been many incidences in past where photographs have been faked or misinterpreted creating havoc situation.

The best known example is the Reutersgate which involved digitally manipulated photographs taken by Adnan Hajj, freelance photographer who had worked for Reuters. One of the photograph, captioned by Reuters as showing an Israeli F fighter jet firing ground attack missiles during an air strike on Nabatiyeh, was digitally manipulated to show as if the F firing missiles but actually deployed a single flare. Many simpler attempts were also made by just giving false or misleading captions to otherwise real photographs that were taken at different time or place and used during the Lebanon war period.

Consider the images below. This gets us thinking whether we should believe what we see or not. Photographs can be a great source of entertainment and a form of art but when it comes to portray reality, it may not succeed all the time.

Sometimes photographs can also create hyper reality which just exaggerates the reality and thus cannot be truth. Photography acts as a thin line between reality and fantasy. Shows what you want to see. You can choose our example of essay to write your own paper. In order to write an effective essay, look through our samples on our site. Are you struggling with essay writing? If yes, leave it to EssayShark. Is the drama production an effort to bring the student body together?

Or is it featuring a child star? Is the birthday party for an adolescent turning 13, or the last birthday of a dying cancer patient? Though each story idea is the same, the main factors of each story create an incredibly unique story. Every dynamic story is built on a set of core values and emotions that touch the heart of its audience. The best way you can connect your photo essay with its audience is to draw out the emotions within the story and utilize them in your shots.

You merely use emotion as a connecting point. Whether you decide to sit down and extensively visualize each shot of the story, or simply walk through the venue in your mind, you will want to think about the type of shots that will work best to tell your story. Each shot will work like a sentence in a one-paragraph story. Typically, you can start with 10 shots. Each shot must emphasize a different concept or emotion that can be woven together with the other images for the final draft of the story.

Remember that story telling takes practice. At this point in time I enjoyed photography because it gave me the ability to capture scenes from my life to remember and study. So many lenses and accessories! I must have them all! With all of this new gear, I branched out from flowers and mountains and started photographing people. I remember how much fun I had working with people, capturing moments and emotions, seeing the look on their faces when they saw their own portrait and actually liked what they saw.

These positive experiences were so much more satisfying to me than photographing nature, I knew that my future in photography would mostly involve people.

To a large extent, this is still one of the things that I most love about photography… working with people and capturing moments and emotions so that they will not be forgotten. I photographed this high school senior while developing my portraiture technique. Sadly, she passed away just a few years after this was taken.

Her mother told me how meaningful it was to have these images of her. After a while, I started dabbling in film again. It felt good to get away from computers and lots of gear and just get back to an analog world where imperfection was embraced.

I could indulge my love for antiques and use older cameras. Suddenly, I found myself photographing flowers and trees and landscapes again… and loving it! I remember realizing that something does not immediately become interesting just because it was photographed on film. With the right light, a crumpled up piece of paper or a grimy alley can be just as interesting as a field of flowers or a snow covered mountain.

Film helped me learn to love light. For example, the light on this succulent and the way it brings out the pattern of the plant really caught my attention.

Thus began my current obsession with light. I find myself continually hunting light and capturing light with whatever camera I may have with me. More often than not, that camera is my phone.

I have fallen in love with phone photography. While at a kickboxing tournament, I saw the late-afternoon light pouring through some windows onto these worn stadium seats. Fortunately, I had my phone with me to capture the scene. What started out as a hobby eventually became a career. That small camera that fit in my pocket expanded into a storage room full of backdrops, lighting equipment and rarely used gear.

I now own my own photography business and live and breathe photography every day of the year. And you know what? I still enjoy it. Here is why I enjoy photography:. I enjoy photography because it is something that I can do any time, any place and all I need is my phone. I enjoy photography because it has caused me to fall in love with light and see the world around me with fresh eyes every single day. And sometimes, when the mood is right, I just sit back and enjoy the moment without taking a photo.

John Bosley is a wedding and portrait photographer in Denver who loves creating authentic, emotional images with his clients. He has a soft spot for functional antiques. You might see him writing with a fountain pen from his collection or shooting with one of his many film cameras. This question is eazy i love photografy because i feel free,i dont take photos i feel them, and being my self thro an image tha i took is almost magic.. I love photography for several reasons. It allows me to capture memories of family; travel; friends; and the passage thru life itself.

I love to express myself artistically thru the medium of photography, either with film or digital as I have no skill with the art of drawing, painting etc, but I am adept at visualizing a potential photograph and doing whatever technical details are necessary to create it. I enjoy working with the equipment of photography; mingling with my peers in photography and seeing the look of recognition and or pleasure when an image is viewed and the concept of its creation is understood.

I do have a skill at judging color and compatible tints and hues, which has translated well in DIY home decor; woodworking and finishing and other tasks where these judgements are called into play. Photography has fought both of us to see the World thru more appreciative eyes. There is always something to behold as we travel from place to place. Sometimes an unconscious moment is caught, a look, a smile, a view, that is so fleeting and wonderful. Perhaps only a camera can truly capture them?

I have a few, how generous of you to share some of your own. I still have in my possession a Olympus OM4T not in working condition anymore, but I have it because it reminded me a time when it was exciting to take the film and having to wait and see if you made the shot. But it was grainy. Even though at that level its crap what you get, being able to shoot ISO natively is something I could never thought possible is now routine. That opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

And… I have to admit it: What cameras are doing these days is crazy and the technology gets better and better. Because memory is really a frail thing and being visual means there are triggers for sharing the experience with others.

I love photography because this is a combination of an art and technology. And I can take something from nature without destroy anything. Freezing that particular moment s …and trying to remember the feeling it came with some times later…instead of watching it on videos…. Remembering the smiles and laughter, or even tears captured…that would drive you for more and more…. I enjoy photography because it gives me an escape; from tiring human interactions, school, and life in general. It makes me appreciate the beauty of the nature and even the most common things we see everyday.

Moved up to Nikon and had many models my last film Camera was a Nikon f4s the top of the line. I loved the cameras themselves as they were evolving , I could just hold the camera and just enjoy the machine. So I sold the D a couple of weeks before the D release date late September.

This sure beats the film days of taking you rolls of film to the one hour photo store!

Photography essays need to be as graphic as possible while explaining details

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Photography, meaning “drawing with lights” in Greek, is an art as well science of capturing light and storing it on some medium. Read full example of essay.

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Photography essay Photography essays need to be as graphic as possible while explaining details. As a student in college or high school photography is a pastime that appeals to most. Photography Essays - History of Photography - When you look at a photograph from your favorite photographer what do you see? Does it remind you of your past or make you think of the future?