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❶ULE creates sustainability standard for cell phones. If the circuits are used, tube lights can work on lower voltages.

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However, this knowledge that the society has is creating its own toxic footprints Pinto, It is important to be aware that the end-life disposal and management of these gadgets and appliances pose a great threat to the human health and the environment.

The structure of e-waste is complex and its components are difficult to dispose. The main risks to human health and the environment come from the presence of flame retardants, heavy metal, persistent organic pollutants POPs and other hazardous substances.

These substances may be released during recycling and material recovery, and if improperly managed, these may pose significant human and environmental health risks Lundgren, While most of the e-waste ends up in the landfill, some are being passed on through trading.

It usually starts from illegal e-waste trade and then passed on to traders or refurbishers and then finally, to informal recyclers. These informal recyclers usually come from developing countries, such as India, Nigeria or from China where there is low cost in operation and employment. There is lack of regulation and monitoring for this type employment and worse, some even employ women and children as part of the workforce Lundgren, Illegal trade and employment serves as one of the major challenge in e-waste management and has adverse effects in human and environmental health.

In formulating strategies to address the growing e-waste pollution, one has to understand that every country has a different set of rules and regulations, and different capacity and capability of responsible institutions. The effectiveness of e-waste management depends not only on the local government but also on the participation and awareness of the community.

Lundgren suggested addressing the growing problem of informal recycling since this usually involves employing people in poverty. It is important to keep in mind that most of these people have little or no formal education and so educating them on the hazardous effects of e-waste processing on the environment and human health takes patience and dedication.

Amazon Could Follow in Order to Be. Amazon could follow in order to be socially responsible in marketing its Kindle fire family of tablets. This demand for such social responsibility has been coming for sometime for the secretive Amazon to reveal long-awaited information about its environmental compliance in the case of the new Kindle tablet.

Amazon has long been seemingly more secret than that CIA about facets of the company and the Kindle has been no exception to this rule. Examples of this included an attempt by Joe Hutsko of the New York Times who tried to learn more Kindle's carbon footprint and reported that "phone calls and e-mail messages to Amazon inquiring about the materials in the popular Kindle device have thus far gone unanswered Godelnik, Green with Information Technology There has been a corresponding growth in innovations in information technology and the recognition that companies of all sizes and types must reduce their impact on their environment by adopting so-called green practices.

For micro-businesses with just one or a few employees, this may mean something as simple as recycling aluminum cans and paper, but for larger enterprises, going green may mean the investment of significant amounts of resources up front with the expectation that the payback on these investments will be worthwhile, both in terms of energy savings as well as through an improved corporate image.

To determine how companies can benefit from going green today, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to provide a definition of going green with information technology, an analysis of the impact of going green with information technology on the environment, and a discussion concerning the pros…… [Read More]. Best Practices for Computer Maintenance. Computer Disposal Our organization is considering the replacement of our computers due to the fact that they are outdated and the advancement of computer designs.

They have become obsolete and therefore it warrants for their replacement with new cones in the market and in use. Therefore this paper will ok at a plan on how this computers will be disposed and at the same time limiting any environmental impact of the computers when they are being disposed.

First I would ensure that the hard drives of the computers are thoroughly wiped. This is to ensure that no personal data of the organization is stored in the computers prior to their disposal. The biggest concern will be if the old computers are disposed with private data which might end up in the wrong hands. Alternatively the hard drives can be destroyed completely through crushing them. Once the hard drives have…… [Read More]. Discussed is John Stuart Mill's philosophy.

I have just worn out my fourth computer. I love a high speed computer, but I feel guilty when I buy a new one. A new computer is my top priority for a purchase, and I begin saving for a new one almost as soon as I have purchased one.

I know that many people are just like me. There must be junkyards full of computers. Should I try to get by with less? Two sources are used. Computer Junkyards Computer trash is certainly becoming a problem for societies everywhere.

Some people try to make use of them by creating art, but that is a miniscule use of the millions of old computers one can see set out for the garbage men or…… [Read More]. E-Books vs Traditional Books. There is much debate on whether the iPad is a greener option than printed books.

Where some believe that iPad is the greener option, some still believe print books are still the better option, especially when borrowed from a public library that spreads the carbon footprint over an entire community. Print books use 8. The iPad uses much less at production, but carbon dioxide emissions are spread over the lifecycle of the product and are not as easy to calculate due to how consumers use the device, electronic power sources, and the toxins involved in the materials used to produce the device.

Print book waste stems from large print overproduction in manufacturing, editorial error, and how consumers dispose of unwanted print books. Manufacturers print large quantities of books that may are not all…… [Read More]. Addressing the Problem of Pollution in Tampa Florida. Specifically, this study assesses the failures and successes of Tampa to regulate and reduce water, air and waste pollution through various programs. Through quantitative analysis of city managers' statistics and survey of the population random sampling , findings indicate that positive steps have been taken through initiatives like S.

However, air pollution has yet to be addressed, as the state has eliminated its vehicle emissions testing. Coal-burning power plants like Big Bend also contribute to air pollution and a discussion of the beneficial impact of wind power is provided as a recommendation for addressing this issue.

Environmental Health and Safety Case Study: Tampa, Florida Introduction Urban areas in the U. Product Lifecycle Management Best Practices. This practically also pays big dividends for manufacturers as they continue to strive to keep their Energy STA Compliance ratings on products, leading to lower costs for power supply, electrical system integration and less product wear due to more efficient use of energy.

Studies also indicate that Energy STA compliance, when designed in as part of the DfE initiatives in a PLM system, can have an exceptionally high accumulative impact as well Preston, Integrating DfE into PLM frameworks then not only alleviates the unnecessary and often high costs of noncompliance to federal and global mandates, this integration has also been shown to reduce the net amount of new product components necessary, further creating higher levels of reliability in products over time Mascle, Zhao, There are many additional benefits to integrating DfE product development practices into the broader PLM frameworks manufacturers use for designing, launching, managing and discontinuing products.

Brownfield Development Over the last several decades, China has been going through tremendous amounts of economic growth. Since the 's, various Chinese cities have seen an increase of million people. However, the nation has also been experiencing challenges associated with the need for housing and sustainable development. One possible strategy for dealing with these issues is brownfield development. In the United States, this has been shown to be an effective tool for dealing with urban blight and managing growth inside a particular region.

This means looking at specific cities in comparison with each other. Once this takes place, is when specific insights will be provided as to how China can deal with future economic development. Over the…… [Read More]. Cox Communications Telecommunications Innovation Status of the.

Cox Communications Telecommunications Innovation Status of the Sustainability Movement The telecommunications industry, supported by the United Nations and the International Telecommunications Union, launched a formal cooperative effort to promote sustainable business practices and technology in June The Global e-Sustainability Initiative GeSI was officially launched on World Environment Day with the vision "to help improve the global environment and to enhance human and economic development, and thereby make a key contribution to a global sustainable future" Thomsen, This industry-wide initiative was significant in that its founders included some of the biggest global players: Members implemented various programs to achieve environment-friendly business practices.

For example, British Telecommunications calculated that employee use of audio and video conferencing contributed to saving over one million tons of CO2 emissions the…… [Read More]. Dialogue between Theory and Praxis since the s Jeff Koons is among the most controversial and intriguing artists to have emerged in the past decade.

Like Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol before him, he is concerned with the transformation of everyday objects into art and takes such post-modern issues as high and low culture, context, and commodification of art as the central focus of his work erger Jeff Koons, the self-proclaimed "most written-about artist in the world," now headlining at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, has indubitably attained a certain "star" status.

However, the Koons phenomenon - Koons himself, his objects, and the…… [Read More]. Sustainable Design of Sports Venues. Sustainability Process in the Design of Construction of Sports Venues In the United States, the construction and operation of sports stadiums create certain numbers of environmental problems. In most cases, construction of sports projects fails to integrate sustainable protocols in their design strategies during and after the constructions leading to the environmental degradations.

Many products used to construct the facilities exteriors and interiors after or during the construction affect the environment negatively. Over the years, the U. Internal Controls Addressing Internal Controls.

As, they will quietly establish different security procedures and tools i. This will help EP, to see where are: At which point, they can begin to identify which employees are contributing to the problem. This is important, because one of the biggest issues facing EP is: If they can increase their surveillance, they will be able to know how big the problem really is. Once this occurs, they will have identified those individuals that are making the situation worse and can deal with them accordingly.

This is troubling, because it means that managers are unaware of the various challenges that are…… [Read More]. Eyeglasses for the Poor When. Next, the board members. The organization would be wise to directly approach a business leader in the community, someone with a charitable reputation who has the time and inclination to participate. Also, a business owner in the eyeglasses field would be perfect for a second board member.

Group members can also be considered. Once the new three-member board has its first meeting, the articles of incorporation and bylaws can be worked out. The articles of incorporation are not difficult viewing other nonprofits' articles can lead the way to preparing EP's articles , and bylaws can be paraphrased from other nonprofits' bylaws, and edited to specifically address EP's mission statement.

A nonprofit attorney must be brought into the meeting to review the bylaws, to help complete the tax-exempt status paperwork, and to oversee the preliminary steps that EP needs to take to become bona fide nonprofit. Once the articles of incorporation have…… [Read More]. Hepatitis a Causative Agent Virus Affects the. Hepatitis A is caused by a virus. Symptoms of hepatitis A include dark-colored urine, pale stools, chronic fatigue with no other explanation , itching, anorexia loss of appetite and nausea, fever, vomiting, and jaundice.

The symptoms usually present manifest weeks after the initial exposure Zieve To test for the disease, the doctor may test for raised IgM and IgG antibodies to hepatitis A and elevated liver enzymes through liver function tests Zieve Persons in high-risk occupations may wish to be periodically tested. Disease reservoirs for hepatitis A include food that has been contaminated by the feces of carriers of the disease; contaminated water or ice; direct contact with stool or blood of persons with the disease; and sexual contact.

To protect against…… [Read More]. What is E-waste and how can I get rid of it? Retrieved October 5, from http: Tips and tricks for recycling. Bibliography "Chapter 5 -- Environmental and Health Risks: Accessed February 7, References Bartholomew, Doug Haul Your Own Trash.

Industry Week, August, pp. Business Line, April 10, pp. Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, pp. Bibliography Environmental Protection Agency. Electronic Reuse and Recycling. Retrieved 14 December from http: Advancing the Science of Climate Change. The Old Gympie Times, Electronic Waste View Full Essay. Resources Law, 3. Focus on European environmental law, L Kramer, , biblio.

Manual of European environmental law, A Kiss, , cabdirect. Towards effective environmental regulation: School of Law - - centers. Science Tania Branigan 25 November But the realization of these practices faces a lot of obstacles mainly of financial character. All of them are quite expensive and do not bring desired return. That's why scientists and economists agree in the following: Loop industry is the most optimal solution to the problem as the manufacturer becomes responsible for the recycling of the products he makes.

Introduction of such practices has the negative outcomes of course. Because technological process becomes more complicated and intensive, requires involvement of additional equipment and facilities on the hand with new labour the net value of the production increases and so the customers would have to pay more for electronics.

Another direction in the solution of e-waste problem is export of e-waste to the developing countries, where the process of recycling is cheaper and the possibility of e-waste to be reused, repaired and modernized is higher.

Moreover some third world countries use unpopulated territories for e-waste. Anyways, this kind of solution is not appropriate again, because most of these practices somehow avoid law regulations of these countries and cannot have a mass character. It only creates additional problem which would have to be solved in close future. As most of experts agree that recycling of e-waste has to be the problem of e-products manufacturers they have to develop different effective strategies and technologies for the most optimal solution of this problem: At this point global environmental community has to cooperate and share new practices and approaches in solving this problem.

It refers both to technology and legislative regulation of the problem. And in developing own strategy for e-waste management the officials of different countries have to work together and adopt practices of each other that are being effective. Countries of European Union had already made the first steps to the solution of this problem, making manufactures to be responsible for the waste caused by their products.

The United Sates and Canada should start to introduce these practices as well, if they want to achieve ecological balance and safe coexistence of scientific and technological progress with health of humanity. Environmental strategies and green product development: Business Strategy and the Environment 18, no. Demand-Driven is an Operational Strategy. Industrial Management, November 1, ,5.

C Boks, and a Stevels. Essential perspectives for design for environment. Experiences from the electronics industry. International Journal of Production Research 45, no. Developing key performance indicators for supply chain: Supply Chain Management 14, no.

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E-waste is a generic term encompassing various forms of electrical and electronic equipment that may be old, might have reached end-of-life and most importantly cease to be of any value to their present owners and it has been identified as one of the fastest growing waste steams.

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Toxic waste or electronic waste (e-waste), produced by obsolete electronic products, is growing at an alarming rate, and poses a severe environmental threat. In light of challenges underlined by this new kind of waste, sound management is imperative.

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Essay on e-Waste in India! Electronic waste, popularly known as ‘e-waste’ can be defined as electronic equipment’s/products connects with power plug, batteries which have become obsolete due to: advancement in technology changes in fashion, style and status nearing the end of their useful life. Electronic waste known as E-waste is one of the growing and emerging problem in this world. The Effects Of Electronic Waste Management Environmental Sciences Essay. Print Reference this. Published If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on.

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A Solution to E-Waste Essay Words | 7 Pages. results in following stockpiling of needless gadgets, which become a part of municipal waste. These end-of-life electronic devices are often called “electronic waste, or e-waste”. E-waste- is a type of waste that contains obsolete or non-working electronic and electrical devices. Electronic waste can have a high level of danger because of contaminants like mercury, beryllium, cadmium, lead and brominated flame retardants discharging of which into environment may lead to .