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Why Creative Writing Belongs in Business Writing

Creative writing exercise #2: Add a splash of personality

❶We all experience it from time to time.

Creative writing exercise #1: Play with words

At least, it has nothing to do with following the rules to the letter. My concern is with the spirit of such things. My answer is that one only can break the rules, i. Creativity begins at the point of curiosity.

It asks "what if," then proceeds to see what happens when the "what if" is tried. Sometimes, the result isn't pretty. Both results provide lessons, and, if the former isn't harped upon as a "failure," it can result in more creativity and pushing toward a new level in one's writing be it creative, professional, or creative professional. Another part of the answer lies in creating memorable content. What content is remembered? Is it dry facts? It's the content that uses creative means and gives context to the facts.

It's content that falls upon the elements of storytelling, the buzzword of , and creative writing. It's content that isn't content with generalities or cliches.

It is specific and concrete. It seeks ways of speaking that are relevant and -- even though everything really is a remix -- original in some way. Or sign up with email. Meetup members, Log in. Start a new group. Hello Wonderful Writers, For those who've asked and those who may be interested, I'm offering an eight-week course in "Creative Business Writing" through Langara College. It runs eight Wednesday nights from 6: In the past this course has been a lot of fun and learning for everyone: Creative Business Writing Effective, creative written communication is essential for success in business and everyday life.

Represent yourself and your work with great writing! How timely this is for me this morning, to launch a thorough edit! Probably I am a turtle in this race to create web content, but Slow and Steady is the preferred pace for multitudes, right?

When I was learning how to write, I studied writers I liked most, trying to figure out why I liked their writing, and then used their writing techniques in my writing, too. As Austin Kleon suggests: Love the cupcake imagery, Henneke. I had a boss in my corporate days who I said had a metaphor for every occasion.

But you know what? You never forgot his example. I originally made this drawing for my sister who loves baking cupcakes. This is good news for a bad reason—you have little competition,. So a sparkling piece of writing sweeps and soars above the dismal landscape. Every post a person writes has so much potential to be better. And if we really want to stand out, we have to start doing that. But it pays off!

It can help to move away from your normal work place, perhaps go to the park or a local cafe. Skipping to the swings and slides now with a fairy cup cake in my hand.

Thanks for your sweet and tasty writing sprinkles Henneke. You have hundreds and thousands of fans waiting hungrily to download it. Love this Henneke, especially the parts about playing with a first draft and picking visual words. Writing is a constant work in progress. We never learn everything, which is what makes it so meaningful.

Others, I get but usually delete. I appreciate the volume of your communication but mostly, I appreciate the value. A subtle shade of green sounds quite pleasant, Steve!

I can put a little more personality by adding more descriptive words into each point I convey. But in all it makes the posts more engaging, keeping your audience interested. Thanks for sharing Henneke! Have a good one! Even choosing only three sentences or so and making them a little more sensory can make a big difference to a post.

This comment is unrelated to this article but the email I received that landed me here. Regarding the email, I initially thought it was spam. To solve this problem I would add a visual reference within the email. If I saw that, I would immediately recognize and know who its from.

You might have first learned about me and Enchanting Marketing via my book, so the book would be a good visual cue for you, but most people find my blog first and then decide to buy one of my books. I appreciate there are pros and cons to every approach; and will think about what I can do to ensure people know my name before they get my first email.

I might be able to improve the confirmation email or confirmation page. The email I got from this response was fantastic. I immediately noticed the email name was Enchanting Marketing. From there I signed up to your e-newsletter. As for a visual reference, I do agree for some people if the content has visual design elements, engagement levels might be lower because the content appears and feels more commercial.

So in your case to appeal to the book and blog audience, I would consider experimenting adding an image of your book and your head shot at the closing remarks next to your name to see if your response rates improves. Having these visual references is primarily designed and useful for early subscribers who may not remember you or your work.

After maybe their 8th opened email, your subscribers maybe familiar with you enough to where you may not need the visual references anymore. Because I received your email this morning. It motivated me to go back and tweak a blog post I was working on one more time before I publish it this weekend. Thank you for your writing inspiration and tips! Great ideas as usual Henneke.

I published a guest post with nearly the same title: How many times have I used the first words that came to mind? More times than a teenager takes a selfie. There you go again, encouraging me to think. Time to paint some word pictures. I hear you Henneke. I never used to think of myself as a writer either. My writing skills evolved over time through studying the art of writing, doing it and developing my own voice.

These creative writing excercises are fantastic. The first one is my favorite. It really fires up the brain to start making connections which is what creativity is all about. Thank you for the nudge. Metaphors and good ideas just pop into my mind when I just make myself sit down and write.

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Want to turn humdrum business writing into sparkling content? Let’s have some fun today, shall we? Creative writing exercise #1: Play with words. Settling for the first word that comes up in your mind? That’s usually a word commonly used.

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Creative writing is a superb hobby, even if you never strive to improve or hope to publish. Plus, writing about stressful experiences has been shown to lessen the impact of trauma on the mind and body.

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Creative Business Writing Training Formats. Our Tailored Creative Business Writing Training comes in many formats from one-to-one through to fully tailored company wide programmes. We can run creative business writing training at your premises, any third party venue or at our own London Training Suite at the Business Design Centre in Islington. Any time you develop a message—whether you’re writing, presenting, managing, leading, or thinking on your feet—you’re committing a creative act. You might be introducing a new concept, or rethinking an old one. Either way, you’re using ideas to make things happen. And that’s creative.

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Why Creative Writing Belongs in Business Writing By Erin Feldman When I decided to pursue a degree in creative writing -- with an emphasis in poetry, no less -- I did so because I wanted to be a better poet. Effective, creative written communication is essential for success in business and everyday life. Represent yourself and your work with great writing! Learn how to write creative letters, newsletter copy, web copy, press releases, blogs and elevator pitches.