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What Is A Good Topic For A Research Paper On The US Civil War: 20 Great Suggestions

Writing a Research Paper on the Civil War: Lesson Plan

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How to Answer Civil War Research Paper Topics
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Many depended on slaves and were accustomed to this way of life, which was hard to change. Plantation owners had slaves working for them, and those who could not afford to own slaves would work on their own farm. The North, or Free States, had more immigrants settling in its areas, where labour was needed, but not the labour of slaves. Therefore it had a more industrialized society where most people worked in factories, and did not follow a class system. The Northerners opposed to Slavery as an institution in the South, as the Confederate States were the only region in the world that still legalized the ownership of slaves.

This angered the Southerners and threatened their way of life. The election of Abraham Lincoln, as president was viewed by the South as a threat to slavery. By time, economic differences also developed between the two regions. The Southern states were agrarian states, and depended on agriculture rather than industrialization. After the Cotton Gin was invented, it increased the need for slaves and made cotton the chief crop of the South.

This increased the South's dependence on the plantation system and its vital component, slavery. But by then, the North was prospering industrially. The North depended on factories and other industrialized businesses. For this reason many of the new immigrants settled north, while very few settled south.

This allowed the North to grow industrially, while making the South more hostile towards them. The Confederacy resisted any kind of industrialization and manufactured as little as possible. Southern economy opposed high taxes, as manufacturing was limited. But the Northern states welcomed high taxes to protect its products from cheap foreign competition. As a result, the South preferred not to accept most improvements that were made by the federal government, such as roads and canals, in order to keep taxes low.

Another major problem that occurred was the competition between the North and South for more land. Both regions wanted to expand socially and economically westwards. The South wanted more agrarian states, while the North wanted to be able to expand industrial-wise. Confederate states felt that more agrarian states would help protect their economy and society in the future.

The Union also felt that expansion would help their future as an industrialized country. As competition grew between the two sides, unrest grew with it, eventually resulting in the Civil War. Politically, the States were not any more united in their point of views.

Expanding westwards did would not only help each side socially, and economically, but also politically. More Slave states meant there would be more Southerners will be involved in congress.

But if there were more Free States, there would be more northern representation in congress. This caused continuous unrest between the two regions. Also, both the North and the South had different views on how the government should operate. The south wanted less government control, and more state freedom, while the North welcomed the central power of a government.

The South viewed the election of Abraham Lincoln, as president, as a threat to slavery. To make matters worse, the South was determined to start its own nation, by electing its own president, Thomas Jefferson. It started calling for International recognition as a nation from France and Britain.

The South was persistent in becoming a separate country, but the North was not about to give up the South. Eventually, the Civil War erupted. After four long years, the Union would win the War and the country would once again become united. There were many reasons why the North was able to overcome the South.

Since Southern economy was agrarian, and they had very few factories, the value of manufactured goods was higher than crops by the start of the War. This made the North wealthier, helping it to produce ammunition and other warfare utilities. The South was poorer, do to the lack of money since cotton was no longer providing the income and had only a few sources for manufacturing goods.

As a result they were always unequipped and could not keep up. Step 5 -- Take students to the library or computer lab to complete research.

Of course, there are many more resources available online and in print. Step 6 -- Students need to make note cards or highlight notes. Make sure that students are organized and put important bibliography information on cards.

Assign a number of note cards that are due in conjunction with the length of the paper. Students tend to write too much on one note card. Remind them that they need one idea per note card. And, they can and should paraphrase many of their note cards. Step 7 --Direct students to write an outline. It is important that students include a thesis statement one sentence that tells what the paper is about in this outline.

The outline length will depend on the length of the paper. This will help students to write an organized paper. Step 8 -- Tell students to write a draft of the Works Cited page. The website Son of Citation Machine is a free online resource that is extremely helpful. Step 9 -- Assign students to write a draft the paper.

This can be typed or hand written. If students are required to include parenthetical notation, make sure this is included in the rough draft. Step 10 -- Asses the students' research paper with a rubric.

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Confederacy - The Confederacy research papers examine the the collection of Southern states that seceded in and as a precursor to the U.S. Civil War. Economics and the Civil War – .

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The deadliest war in American history is known as the American Civil War killing nearly , soldiers and a mass amount of civilians. The War Between the States was fought between Southern slave states and the United States federal government.

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Free Civil War papers, essays, and research papers. Civil war research paper is a paper that calls for careful investigation and writing by the student. This is another genre of the so many types of causes and effects research papers that every student can conveniently research and write on. Writing this paper should be a .

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This sample Civil War Research Paper features + words (24 pages), an outline, APA format in-text citations, and a bibliography with 32 sources. Research within librarian-selected research topics on U.S. Civil War from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.