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❶Canada has changed dramatically in many ways in the post-war era.

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Ontario is Canada's most populous and economically powerful province. As Canada has the To the extent anybody deserves to be known to history as the "Father of British Columbia," it certainly would be Sir James Douglas. Arriving in British Canadian territory as a teenager intent on Edward Whelan is recognized as a leader in federation in Canada in general as he was an influential spokesperson for reform, being encouraged by changes in the British colonies in North America, How have Aboriginal groups organized to try and improve their standard of living within Canadian The plight of Canada's indigenous people has been sadly similar to that of their fellow tribes south of the U.

A recent report by the Canadian Human Rights Commission describes a What are the differences between the world views of First Nations people and the European The world view of the First Nations peoples can best be summarized by the First Nations themselves: What are some events related to the movement for independence in Canada during the s?

The s were a particularly significant period for Canadian independence. At the governmental level, the Great War actually strengthened Canadian ties with its colonial master, Great What is the history of immigration in Canada? The "original" population of what is now Canada were the native tribes, in particular, the Algonquian, Cree, Huron, Ojibwe, and many others. Every subsequent migration of people can be categorized Hypothetically, how could someone have contributed to Canada's political development from Canada is two nations held together through political agreements that occured during the 18th Century.

Much of Canada was a British colony, while eastern Canada was held by France. Should Canada continue to participate in peacekeeping missions? Whether Canada continues to participate in international peacekeeping missions is, as it has always been, a product of its own determination of self-interest, international treaty obligation, and Briefly describe Canada's history of contributing military forces for peacekeeping missions Canadian contributions to United Nations peacekeeping missions go back to the very begining of the U.

In what ways has Quebec contributed to Canada? Quebec's contribution to the development of the Canadian nation is both substantial and complicated. Modern day Canada is a composite of British and French colonialism. Sixteenth and 17th Century What began the war of The War of is commonly known as America's Second war of Independence. Is there any foreseeable possibility that Canada might merge with the United States of America, Of course, anything is possible, but I would be shocked beyond words if this were ever to happen.

I do not envision any way in which either side would be happy with such a merger. What are the constitutional faults which stimulated Canada's formation? Some might say that the greatest fault in Canada's Constitution was that it was under the control of England's Parliament until , though this date is far past the date of Canada's "formation," What are the main key issues of the New Democratic Party of Canada?

It originated in prairie populism and has remained true to its roots as the most What have been the most important political developments in Canada since ?

In what ways has Canada has changed dramatically in many ways in the post-war era. Most Canadians would identify universal healthcare as one of the most important achievements of the period. What were some of Canada's significant achievements and contributions to the Allied cause during Although Canada usually gets a negligible amount of attention in studies of World War II, it actually wound up making significant contributions.

Although reluctant at the war's beginning to commit What is Canada planning to do on the long gun registry? The Long-Gun Registry is part of the Canadian Firearms Registry, which requires all Canadian citizens to register their firearms or face legal charges.

A Battle of Vimy Ridge WWI It allowed Canada to define itself separately from England and the plans were independent of British C norman bethune moved to spain as a communist but was Canadian and developed the first mobile blood-transfusion service in Spain in E Canada's Supreme Court replaced Britain's judicial committee as the final court of appeal F Montreal world Expo in remains the most financially successful world exposition to date.

Canadian institution adopted Canada sent combat troopes to korea dueirng the Korean wor as part of the united Nations force.

Pari Quebecois was elected to power in Quebec, with nationalist vision that included the French linguistic rights in the province and peusuit of some form of soverighnity in Quebec, Canada and United states signed the "Acid Rain Treaty" to reduce acid rain. Kim Campbell came into office as first femail prime minister. Wikipedia I guess their involvement in world war 1 and world war 2 could be an important example of Canadas ongoing quest for social justice on an national, or international level.

I do not care what the president appears like I simply wish to look this nation run how it will have to be. Related Questions History Homework question?

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Canadian History Writing Services The history of Canada covers the period of Canada’s origins and conception of political autonomy, from the arrival of Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago, through the secession of French and British colonies from the Commonwealth, and into the present day.

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