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Essay on Southern California

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An Essential California Bar Exam Supplement

Personal insight questions
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Freshman: Personal insight questions

Applicants with disabilities granted extended time accommodations will have slightly different schedules. It will not be possible to change examinations after that date; applicants must pass the examination selected and approved by the Office of Admissions.

Each day, there will be a morning and an afternoon session. Applicants using laptop computers must be seated no later than 8: All applicants must be seated no later than 8: The examination will begin immediately following the instructions. Applicants should plan to arrive at least 20 minutes early to locate their assigned sections or rooms. Applicants must be seated no later than 1: The examination is scheduled to conclude on Tuesday at approximately 5: Applicants granted extended time may have different schedule, which are communicated to them individually in advance of the examination.

The essay questions on the examination are designed to be answered in one hour and to test legal analysis under a given fact situation. The answer must show knowledge and understanding of the pertinent principles and theories of law, their qualifications and limitations, and their relationships to each other.

A PT question consists of two separate sets of materials, a file and a library, with instructions advising the applicant what tasks s should be performed. This portion of the examination is an objective six-hour examination containing questions, which is divided into two three-hour sessions during which questions are administered.

The MBE tests seven subjects: The Committee of Bar Examiners Committee maintains a diverse pool of approximately experienced attorneys from which graders are selected for each examination grading cycle. A majority of the graders have been grading bar examinations for at least five years and many of them have participated for well over 10 years or more.

At the Second Calibration Session, graders discuss the results of the first meeting and reread and discuss any of the answers where significant disagreement was seen, and resolve the differences through further discussion.

The groups are then given their first grading assignments. During the Third Calibration Session, the grading standards are reviewed and the graders read 15 additional answer books as a group to ensure they are still grading to the same standards. Graders evaluate answers and assign grades solely on the content of the response.

Based on the panel discussions and using the agreed upon standards, graders assign raw scores to essay and performance test answers in five-point increments on a scale of 40 to In order to earn a grade of 40, the applicant must at least identify the subject of the question and attempt to apply the law to the facts of the question. If these criteria are not met, the answer is assigned a zero. The Committee utilizes a grading procedure designed to ensure the difficulty of passing the examination remains unchanged from one administration of the examination to another.

The statistical technique, called scaling, converts scores on the written portion essay questions and PT to the same scale of measurement as the MBE. MBE raw scores are converted to scale scores to adjust the results for possible differences in average question difficulty across different administrations of the examination.

As a result of the step, a given MBE scale score indicates the same level of proficiency regardless of the administration of the examination on which it was earned. Converting the total written raw scores to the same scale of measurement as the MBE adjusts for possible differences in average question difficulty and grader performance across different administrations of the examinations.

MBE scores are reported on a scale ranging from 0 to points. On the written section of the examination, applicants are graded initially on a basis of possible raw points: The scores obtained on the written section of the examination are then translated to the point MBE scale. Yes, a hotel room. In the s, a family could live inside this tree because the tree was so big.

After an hour drive, my mom and I stepped onto the boardwalk on Santa Cruz beach. The boardwalk was like a mini-fair, with all the rides.

I was able to ride one of the oldest roller coasters in the country. After going on the roller coaster ride, I went into the water. Yes, two days before the new year, and the water was freezing. Although the water was cold in the winter, in the summer, the beach would be crowded and much warmer. The beach was beautiful, with the gentle breeze, light blue color of the water, and a smooth blanket of thin clouds in the sky.

There are many beaches along the coast of California, and all of them are just as nice as Santa Cruz, some are even better. Shopping centers provide you with stores you can never find in your small hometowns here in New York. Nordstrom is my new favorite store, for they have great Holly Ball and Prom dresses.

They have all the designer stores that have great sales. Before I visited California over Christmas break, I asked my friend what stores she thinks I should go to, and she recommended that I visit the Juicy Couture store.

After bringing my mom into Juicy Couture store, I decided that the Juicy store had decent sales and really high quality styles. Designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, Betsy Johnson, and Juicy Couture may seem expensive, but actually have some really high quality clothes.

Frys is an electronics store that sells videogames, computer parts, and all things relevant to technology, and is the size of a huge department store. There are many other shopping centers in California, as nice as Stanford, yet the Stanford Shopping Center is quite big. Discover the secrets behind finding good food. One secret is that on almost every other street corner and every exit on a California expressway is a fast food restaurant called In-N-Out.

In-N-Out makes all its food fresh, which means that while you are waiting for your food, you can watch the patties being made and the French fries being peeled from the potato itself. This restaurant has a secret menu, such as a black and white shake and an animal burger.

In-N-Out is not only in California. This restaurant is a family-owned restaurant with locations in Texas, many in Nevada, many in Arizona, and many in California. Once you visit this restaurant once, you have to go back again. These are the four reasons one should visit California. California is a great place to visit any time of the year.

Even in the winter, the beach is still a lively place to be. No matter how many times one person visits the Redwood Forest, it is hard to comprehend how old these trees are. Maybe for a summer vacation, consider planning a trip to California. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email.

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Essay on California My trip to California was a wonderful experience and taught me that California is an awesome place to live if you have the bank account to handle it. My trip was made possible by my brother, Mark’s, generosity and goodwill.

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California is a great place to visit any time of the year. Even in the winter, the beach is still a lively place to be. No matter how many times one person visits the Redwood Forest, it is hard to comprehend how old these trees are.

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