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❶Their leader was called Louis riel.

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Lewis and Clark Research Paper
Lewis and Clark Essay
Essay title: The Lewis and Clark

Many of the families lived together in one house. To get around they used canoes that were hollowed out cedar trees. They also rode on horses or walked on foot. Many of the times during their encounter the Corps were stolen form and they were given unreasonable prices for food.

They lived in circular earth lodges that enclosed a type of meeting place. The tribe had three villages along the Missouri river: Mahawha, Metaharta, and the largest, Menetarra. The Hidatsa became involved in trade with many of their visitors. They grew corn, tobacco, squash, and beans, which they used to trade with others. They lived in two villages: They Corps arrived at the villages in October and stayed there until the winter of where they stayed at Fort Mandan.

The tribe believed that their ancestors climbed form beneath the earth by means of a grapevine. A post stood at the center of the village that symbolized its hero.

At the north end of each plaza was its medicine lodge. They grew beans, squash, corn, and tobacco. The Mandans supplied the Corps with food and supplies during their stay and when spring came they bid farewell and the Corps continued on their expedition. During the first meeting of the Corps with the Teton Sioux, the Corps went through their normal ritual of meeting Indians and the tribe were not impressed by it, but instead saw the Corps as competitors for trade in the region.

No one in the Corps could speak Sioux so it was very difficult for the two groups to communicate. But before there was a big chance of war the Corps decided to leave sooner than anything threatening to their safety could take place. The Corps met the Walla Wallas during early October in the year Since the Corps were rushing to get to the Pacific, they rejected their welcome. However the leader, Yelleppit, made them promise to return to the village on their way back. So when the Corps returned in April, they agreed to stay for a while.

There were about 15 lodges in the village and because of the request by their leader, the Walla Wallas welcomed the Corps kindly. In return Clark gave Yellepitt his sword, rounds of ammunition, and other different trade objects. The Corps told the tribe their plans of leaving but Yellepitt asked them to stay one more night and they agreed to. No one knew what dangers awaited researchers and whether they return home at all. Many tried to dissuade the president from the idea, but he was sure he was right and that he had found the right people.

Merriweather Lewis was a captain, private secretary to the president, and William Clark was Lieutenant, an old friend of Lewis. After a careful elaboration, they developed a bold plan. The preparation for the expedition took them all winter. Assembled a group of 43 people received the majestic name of the Corps of Discovery, stoked up 6 tons of stockpiled food and everything that could be needed in the hard way: The luggage was loaded in three large boats: To know what happened next, we recommend you to study free example lewis and clark research paper outline topics.

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Read this American History Research Paper and over 88, other research documents. The Lewis and Clark. The Lewis and Clark journey was most likely the most significant project supported by the government in the beginning /5(1). Essay/Term paper: The lewis and clark expedition Essay, term paper, research paper: History. See all college papers and term papers on History. two days before Lewis was to set out to Pittsburgh to buy supplies and .