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❶Aylmer voters chose to separate from Gatineau but not enough ballots were cast, meaning Aylmer remained a sector of the larger city. Similar voting patterns appeared in the sectors of Buckingham and Masson-Angers , the other two "outlying" regions of Gatineau.

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Thomas and formerly of Aylmer passed away at her residence on Tuesday, May 15, Beloved wife of Gerry Freeman. She will be missed by her grandchildren Tyler and Shannon Dwyer. Dear daughter of the late Thomas…. Beloved husband of Susan Chilcott Carrel. Beloved husband of Jeanette Hebert Pesall. Loving wife of the late Albert Barbier Maria MacIntyre 0 Comments. She was the oldest of six children, and… Read More.

Frank Kikkert 0 Comments. Ronald Rene Mitchell 0 Comments. Loving grandfather of Katherine Thompson… Read More. Roger William Sheppard 0 Comments. Kerry Lynn DeMaeyer 0 Comments. Dear sister of Scott and Elizabeth… Read More. Max Ferguson 1 Comment. Betty Anne Clunas 0 Comments. Sister-in-law to… Read More. Robert Bob Wayne Thornton 1 Comment. Douglas Osbourne 0 Comments. I know… Read More. Dorothy Lowanna McCallum 0 Comments.

Clarene Freeman 0 Comments. Dear daughter of the late Thomas… Read More. George Edward Carrel 0 Comments. Son-in-law of… Read More. If this were to happen, Aylmer could theoretically be served by light rail as well, but at present this appears highly unlikely. In terms of population, Aylmer makes up about one third of the riding of Hull—Aylmer , which has elected a Liberal member of parliament in every federal election since its conception in — its predecessors, the ridings of Hull and Wright, in place from to , also only ever elected Liberals.

In the Gatineau municipal election, Aylmer voters showed particularly strong support for current mayor Marc Bureau , over incumbent and former mayor of "old" Hull Yves Ducharme.

Similar voting patterns appeared in the sectors of Buckingham and Masson-Angers , the other two "outlying" regions of Gatineau. This could be due to a perception among residents that the Ducharme administration was more focused on the urban core of the new city, as opposed to the periphery, as well as the rapid development of green-spaces into residential subdivisions. However, six months after the November election, residents are showing the highest level of dissatisfaction with the Bureau administration out of all the sectors, citing Aylmer's being left out of municipal processes, poor quality of municipal services, and little to no action to halt suburban sprawl.

Masson-Angers and Buckingham residents are presently showing the most support for the new government. Recently, the City of Gatineau administration had plans to reuse a former landfill site on Cook Road in the north end of the sector to build a new composting plant.

A deal was planned with a non-profit organisation called La Ressourcerie to operate the site. However, local residents are strongly opposed with health and environmental concerns especially due to the past of the landfill site.

A municipal election will occur on November 5, where at least 2 of the 3 sitting councillors will be replaced. Residents of Aylmer were particularly against the amalgamation, citing fears of reduced municipal services, more suburban development, and a loss of cultural identity, as well as geographic differences Hull and Gatineau arguably constitute a region of conurbation , whereas Aylmer was at the time separated by an expanse of sparsely inhabited green space.

A movement was started to halt the "forced fusion" of five cities surrounding Gatineau. The movement had particularly strong support in Aylmer. When the Quebec Liberal Party won the provincial election , the newly amalgamated former cities were given the opportunity to demerge. A referendum was held to decide the fate of the City of Gatineau which required a double vote: Aylmer voters chose to separate from Gatineau but not enough ballots were cast, meaning Aylmer remained a sector of the larger city.

The voting outcome itself was done in such a way that even if Aylmer succeeded in de-amalgamating from Gatineau, they would only do so in name.

The de-amalgamation claimed that once Aylmer was its own area once again, it would have to pay for all its own changes, while Gatineau would still be in control of the administration. Prior to the merger, Aylmer's residents and municipal laws had strongly opposed extensive construction programs. Following the amalgamation, many of the sector's prized green spaces were cut down for residential construction.

Ex-Aylmer neighbourhoods like Wychwood and Village Lucerne have seen their undeveloped spaces sold to contractors. As a result of this unchecked development, there is a strong resentment of the current municipal administration among Aylmer Sector citizens.

Immersion primary school, located in Lakeview Terrace. A francophone primary school, located on the corner of Marigot street and boulevard Du Plateau.

Inaugurated in for the growing community, it teaches kindergarten to grade 6. A francophone primary school, located on Vanier road, just south of Lakeview Terrace. Occupying three buildings, it teaches school from kindergarten to grade 6.

The schools were originally known as St George grades 1 and 2 , Notre Dame for girls, with a convent attached and St Medard for boys. The schools had English and French classes in the s and s. A francophone primary school, located on Wilfrid-Lavigne boulevard.

It teaches school from kindergarten to grade 6. Before the school was built, an orchard was present on that lot, which inspired the name for the school, which is French for "Old Orchard". A francophone primary school, located on Elizabeth street. It teaches kindergarten to grade 6. A francophone primary school divided into two separate buildings: It teaches grades 1 through 6. Limoges grade 1 to 3 is located on Symmes. St-Paul grade 4 to 6 is located on Dalhousie.

The school has two campuses located only across the street from each other. Mark's known as the "Junior Campus" teaches students from kindergarten to grade 3.

Aylmer Elementary the "Senior Campus" teaches grades 4 to 6. Lord Aylmer Elementary has a program in English and French immersion. Located on Frank Robinson street. A francophone primary school, located on Avenue du Bois-Franc. A francophone primary school, located on Rue de la Fabrique.

Based on the Montessori theory of education, this French preschool and kindergarten is thirty years old. It is located at Principale Street. It is the largest secondary school in the sector. It sports a standard programme, a musical concentration programme, an artistic concentration programme, an IB Middle Years Programme , the International Programme P.

I , and several support programmes for students in difficult situations. It also has a small community of highly active students who participate in the organization of school activities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sector within City of Gatineau in Quebec, Canada. Conroy —, — Narcisse E. Guertin Telesphore G. Asselin — Constance Provost — Marc Croteau — Edey — William H. Places adjacent to Aylmer, Quebec.

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Aylmer is a former city in Quebec, Canada. Located on the Ottawa River and Route , in it amalgamated into the Quebec city of Gatineau, which is a component part of Canada's National Capital Region.

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BARBIER, Anna “Annie” of Aylmer passed away peacefully at the Aylmer Retirement Residence on Wednesday, May 9, She was Loving wife of . Contact & Subscription Tél. ou / or Fax. Monday to Friday from am to pm Unit C10, Principale, Secteur Aylmer, Gatineau, Quebec, J9H 6A6.

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Aylmer in The Birthmark. 4 Pages Words March Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! Topics in this paper. AYLMER – (Information from Aylmer Police Administrator Erica Campbell) – An eight year old boy was revived by Elgin EMS paramedics from a backyard pool in Aylmer after a near drowning on Saturday July 2 around 7 pm. The Aylmer News on Facebook: Recent Posts. August 20, ; THURSDAY, July 12/18 July 12, ;.