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❶Friday, 10 May Evaluation. I chose to create a mask on each of my characters, edit them to black and white and highlight each object they were holding in red.

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For my evaluation, I've compiled a collection of different mediums in order to display the four different sections to my evaluation; which review all the progress and development I have made throughout my A2 Portfolio. Question 1 a2 Media Evaluation by Joe Brookes. A2 Media Evaluation 4 by Joe Brookes. Posted by Joe Brookes at Sunday, 5 May The Pitch. In order to gather some audience feedback on our A2 Portfolio, me and my group pitched our idea to our fellow classmates in the form of a PowerPoint, highlighting the basic details of our chosen topic a TV advert for a product of our choosing and what the outcomes would hopefully look like.

She also went on to explain how our hot chocolate is unique compared to other already-existing brands, talking about how our product includes marshmallows in the mix, as well as in a separate packet which comes with the hot chocolate. These are some of the photos that we took on our trip: I then continued the PowerPoint by talking about the sponsorship and radio adverts that we had planned for our product. I explained how, because the sponsorship advert had to be the shortest of all the adverts we had planned, that we had designed it to be quick and humorous, thus coming up with the idea of the same woman seen in our main advert having a marshmallow eating competition with her colleague at work.

This gives a more light-hearted angle for our product without making it seem completely immature or unsophisticated. I then talked about how our radio advert returns to the roots of the working woman who has no time to relax, although I added that because we had no way of visually depicting this, the script had to be attention-grabbing and unique to the audience in order to make them listen.

I explained how our idea was to have Emma describe the product in a seductive tone, not giving the identity of the product away until the end of the ad, which keeps the audience listening as they try to guess what it is Emma is describing. We ended our PowerPoint and received feedback from our classmates who told us what they both liked and disliked about our campaign, which helped us further improve our idea.

When our group was deciding on what our coursework would be based on, we decided to analyse TV adverts, film trailers and music videos so we could get an idea of what each choice entailed and which one would be better suited to us as a group. But the informative side to the advertisement explains that malteasers only contain "11 calories" and are therefore considered 'healthier' than other chocolates.

But because the malteasers are so low in calories, people can eat them without feeling the guilt of eating other junk foods with higher calories in them. The idea of eating malteasers is shown in a cosy and homely environment whilst watching television, either with friends or by yourself.

The advert uses mostly black or dark colours for its settings, to represent the dark sides to fame and to match the colour of the perfume itself, which is mentioned in the advert to be the "first ever black eau de parfum", which is a big selling point. Follow 1 Really struggling with this coursework, chosen to do the representation theme but I can't think of many theories.

Does anyone know any? Also does anyone know the structure it's meant to be written in? Ronnie2 Follow 0 followers 6 badges Send a private message to Ronnie2. Follow 2 You can use these theorists, I won't go into detail as i'll be here for ages and some may or may not work for you but the main ones you could use are Theorists such as Richard Dyer Artists represented as specific types such as Personality, Commodity, Construction,Embodiment of culture, and products Laura Mulvey - Male Gaze - Women sexualised and seen through the male perspective Stuart Hall's readings - Oppositional, preferred and neutral readings Less significant theories, but still can be linked Andrew Goodwin - Lyrics represented by visuals Roland Barthes Grain of Voice There are more as-well but only listed these 5 for now.

Last edited by Ronnie2; at Help with A2 Media coursework? This forum is supported by: Can't stop stealing other girls' boyfriends. GF never initiates sex. Teacher training, teaching and education jobs Replies: Secondary school, sixth form and FE college Replies: Model House of Commons Replies: Count to a million Part 31 Started by: News and current affairs Replies: University of Cambridge Replies: Advice on everyday issues Replies: The Left should learn from Donald Trump Started by: Friends, family and work Replies: Million To Zero thread Started by: Personal Statement Advice Replies:

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This is a coursework short guide to narrative analysis level a video format ohio state university essay prompt A2 Media Coursework Help dover help homework help how to write an application letter by email.

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Nov 18,  · Really struggling with this coursework, chosen to do the representation theme but I can't think of many theories. Does anyone know any? Also does anyone kn.

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A2 Media Coursework Here's all the links to the A2 blogs including links to the older blogs. Aug 29,  · A2 media coursework help. Im lowkey want to write like an essay about my feelings on pokemon designs. becquer rima xl analysis essay. sports science dissertation. concession sentence starters for essays. sciencedirect research papers journals. meyerhold political theatre essays.